CLC Alumni Association is

  • Leadership Cleveland 1800+ alumni
  • Look Up To Cleveland (and SLA) 1200+ alumni
  • Cleveland Bridge Builders 530+ alumni
  • (i)Cleveland 500+ alumni
  • Cleveland Executive Fellows 35 Alums
  • Civic Leadership Institute 350+ alumni

This is a group of leaders who pay it back and look forward.  The Alumni Association plans new civic adventures, rejuvenating network events and provides support for high school and college leaders.

600-800 members also choose to be a PARTNER providing financial support for CLC's programs and civic endeavors while revceiving special partner benefits.

Direction and clarity for the CLC Alumni Association is provided by an active board of CLC alumni from all programs.  The current chair is Debbie Berry, LC 2008.

For information on joining the Alumni Association Committee, please Rachel Ciomcia at or 216-592-2280.