Look Up To Cleveland Application Process

The on-line application will be available via our website, September 1- 30, 2014.  Students will click a link that will lead them to the application.  All information, including the required recommnedations are submitted electronically. 


Each candidate must:

  • Be a junior at a high school in Cuyahoga County
  • Obtain parental consent and support for school absences and time commitment
  • Obtain full support of school official for absences and time commitment
  • Obtain two (2) letters of recommendation (available through the online application) from adults who are not family members
  • Commit to attending LUTC program dates and comply with attendance policy

Thank you for your interest in Look Up To Cleveland.  Please contact Stacey Talley, Director of Look Up To Cleveland, with any questions: 216-592-2296 or