Sample Civic Engagement Boot Camp Agenda

Pre-Boot Camp:  Civic Dialogues & Dinner: Sharing Cleveland Story

Civic Engagement Boot Camp Day:

  • 7:00am Public Places, Civic Spaces: Downtown Public Art Project. Create a public art project designed to bring together community members, share community stories, and spark connections.
  • 8:30 am Refugee Response: Worlds away in our backyard. Get your hands dirty with members of the Refugee Empowerment Agricultural Program (REAP) at Ohio City Farm.
  • 10:00am Art in Motion. Slow down and see the city from a new perspective with members of this one of a kind Dance Company!
  • 11:30am Flash Mob: In 4/4 time. Part Cash Mob, part Lunch Mob – all supporting 2 great Cleveland institutions.
  • 12:00pm Cleveland International Film Festival: Critique for a cause. Lunch, Cameras, Action! You decide what should make the cut for the 37th annual CIFF in April!
  • 1:30pm Cleveland Public Theater: Staging our future. Experience first-hand how CPT is helping a community discover the artist within through its intensive community education programs.
  • 3:00pm Writing our Future: Lake Erie Ink. More than just a great story - creative expression opportunities and academic support for youth in the Greater Cleveland community.
  • 4:30pm Microfinance: Wildflowers in the credit dessert. Part “The Apprentice”, part ”Secret Millionaire” - learn about the movement shaking up the local economy. Decide which local entrepreneur gets funded!
  • 6:00pm Reaching In, Looking Out. Neighborhood Spotlights – Get on the Bus! Community leaders will join the Boot Camp bus at various points throughout the day to spotlight neighborhood hot topics.

Post Boot Camp: Civic Reflection Dinner: What’s Next? (October 11)