LAP Champions are expected to: 
•    Attend meetings and sessions
•    Discuss with your team roles and responsibilities.
•    Treat the group as a team of dedicated and passionate community leaders who work for your organization in exchange for a learning opportunity. Remember they are not staff or volunteers and the process is designed to facilitate their learning.
•    Commit to engage a learning community to help move your project forward while following the process outlined by CBB.
•    Give your time, be responsive and be willing to be flexible
•    Understand how your work style will impact the learning process. What might you need to change to match up with process-oriented learning?
•    Maintain contact with the CBB Program Director for any questions, ideas or suggestions.
•    Check in and encourage the team, but allow them to drive the process and take ownership and provide leadership.

Nonprofits proposing LAPs can expect that CBB class members will:
•    Work toward a tangible deliverable at the end of the program year (June 2017), unless throughout the course of the experience, it is mutually decided that this may not be feasible.
•    Use this as a growth and developmental opportunity.
•    Be responsible for the final outcome – be ready to take initiative and move on it.
•    Take the lead and find ownership for the project; ownership is a test of success.
•    Be creative and innovative and avoid defaulting to normal ways of doing things.

Nonprofits and CBB participants can expect CBB to:
•    Include one hour of class time devoted to LAPs at each of the 5 CBB session days.
•    Monitor progress to ensure projects run as smoothly as possible, and provide support and intervention as needed, including connections with past champions.
•    Provide skills training and debriefing to the participants.

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