LAP proposal tips

The primary measure of whether a LAP proposal is worthy of consideration is the opportunity it provides CBB team members to grow from the experience. How will the project enable them to meet new people, experience a new environment, learn to manage a project and have impact on an organization?

In addition, a successful LAP proposal:

  • Has a definite objective that can be achieved within a 6-month (or so) timeframe, but is flexible enough to be adjusted if other directions emerge. The deliverable may change, may take longer or may not be realistic; the path will become clear because of open communication during the process.
  • Strategically impacts the organization and its bottom line.
  • Does not focus exclusively on fundraising. While fundraising may be a part of the project, the team is not your fundraiser.
  • Is in the organization’s budget if expenses are needed to bring it to reality, but please be aware that the CBB team is not expected to pay for anything.


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