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Accelerate 2023: You won! What’s next?

Anycia Grady, 2023 winner, Accelerate: Citizens Make Change

Brittany O’Connor , Vice President, Senior Public Affairs Manager, Citizens

Brittany shared why Citizens supports Accelerate year after year, and chatted with Anycia about:

  • How her project was born.
  • The potential multi-layered impact of her project.
  • What she needs to move the project forward.
  • Her experience at Accelerate.
  • The advice she would give to potential Accelerate applicants.
  • The next steps in bringing this project to life.
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Recorded 03/01/2023

The future of education in CLE

Holly Trifiro, Holly Trifiro (CBB 2015) Chief Education Officer, City of Cleveland

Holly shared the city-wide efforts to “make Cleveland the best city in America to raise a family.” She shared how they are collaborating with local education leaders and supporting students and families, as well as the challenges they are facing.

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Recorded 02/22/2023

The Real Black Friday

LaRese Purnell, Managing Partner, CLE Consulting Firm

LaRese shared what The Real Black Friday is, why it’s important. He talked about the impact of the initiative, how people can get involved, and previewed upcoming events.

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Recorded 02/15/2023

Peter Rea, Vice President, Integrity & Ethics, Parker Hannifin Corporation

Dr. James (Jamie) K. Stoller, Chair, Education Institute, Cleveland Clinic

Alan Kolp, Professor, Baldwin Wallace University

Rea, Stoller, and Kolp shared why they chose to use the classical virtues as the core of their model for high-performance culture. They discussed each of the virtues, how it works from a business standpoint, and how to practice the virtues in the workplace.

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Recorded 02/08/2023

Global climate change at the local level

Stephen Love, Program Director, Environmental Initiatives, Cleveland Foundation

Stephen talked about what the annual United Nations Climate Change Conference is and who attends. He shared why Cleveland participated, including the members of the Cleveland delegation, the high-level takeaways from the conference, and what Cleveland’s focus is for the future.

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Recorded 02/01/2023

The future of Cuyahoga County

Chris Ronayne, County Executive, Cuyahoga County

Chris talked about the scope of the County Executive role, his focus on community health and the justice system, and his priorities for his first 100 days.

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Recorded 01/25/2023