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Gund Foundation: New leadership, new vision

Anthony Richardson, President, The George Gund Foundation

Anthony discussed The Foundation’s priorities and the issues within those priorities that they want to address. He shared the focus and some of the work of The Foundation since he’s been at the helm and what he wants to accomplish during his tenure. He also covered a wide array of topics surrounding the nonprofit landscape in Cleveland.

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Recorded 11/30/2022

Leading through difficult decisions

Jan Murphy, President & CEO, Sisters of Charity Health System

Jan provided a history of the Sisters of Charity and their work in Cleveland. She shared the factors that contributed to the transition they announce in September for St. Vincent Charity Medical Center and how they are supporting caregivers during the transition. She discussed their commitment to improving health outcomes in the Central neighborhood and the services they will provide going forward. She finished with advice on making hard and unpopular decisions as a leader and how to stay positive in the face of criticism.

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Recorded 11/16/2022

Human Trafficking: It Happens Here

Kirsti Mouncey , President & CEO, Collaborative to End Human Trafficking

Kirsti gave an overview of the official definition of human trafficking and where it takes place. She shared local happenings, examples of the kinds of situations and vulnerabilities that lead to human trafficking and provided statistics. She also discussed some scenarios to watch out for and what to do if you suspect human trafficking is taking place, and how the Collaborative is working to prevent the systems and vulnerabilities that can lead to human trafficking.

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Recorded 11/09/2022

Spreading hope through academic and community excellence

Victor Ruiz, Executive Director, Esperanza, Inc.

Victor shared who Esperanza is, who they serve, and the services they offer. He also talked about how they are expanding and shifting to meet the needs of their population as it shifts in need and geography.

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Recorded 11/02/2022

Workforce development: a simple solution

Craig Dorn, President & CEO, Youth Opportunities Unlimited (Y.O.U.)

Craig shared his simple solution for solving poverty, racism, and the talent shortage – connecting young people to jobs. He discussed why this is effective, how it addresses the three issues, and how it can be done.

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Recorded 10/26/2022

Fraud, scams, and the FTC

Jon Steiger , Regional Director, Federal Trade Commission

Jon discussed the current environment of frauds and scams and how the FTC fights against these unlawful practices. He provided examples of current popular scams and shared how businesses and consumers can avoid becoming a victim.

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Recorded 10/19/2022