$5,0000 Winner

Jeremy Langham:  Ironeborne Brew Works

$2,000 Runners-up

Shayla Ivezzy: Career Closet: More Than a Wardrobe
Jowan Smith: Getting Our Babies to College 101
Ava Alexandra Thomas: Memory Mat
Daniel Gray-Kontar: Imagination for Our Imagined Nation

Community Change

Presented in partnership with Oswald Companies & Westfield Insurance Foundation

  • Margaret Bernstein, Director of Advocacy and Community Initiatives, WKYC-TV
  • David Gilbert, President & CEO, Greater Cleveland Sports Commission
  • Bob Klonk, CEO, Oswald Companies
  • Ed Largent, President & CEO, Westfield Insurance
  • George Rodrigue, Editor & General Manager, The Plain Dealer
Judge Free Moms

Colleen Carter
TW: @JudgeFreeMoms | IG: @JudgeFreeMoms

A platform for mothers from all walks of life to share experiences, learn from others and grow to become even better … without the fear of being judged for decisions they make.

Ironborne Brew Works

Jeremy Langham
FB: @jeremy.langham  |  TW: @jerbeardo |  IG: @jerbeardo  |  LinkedIn

A benevolent brewpub serving up social justice and economic opportunity with each pint of beer by supporting organizations that dismantle barriers to opportunity in Cleveland.

From Food Desert to Oasis

Ronald Nelson

Development of a commercial community kitchen to support compact, mobile food buggies with lower startup costs and less personnel needed than food trucks.

All Hands on Deck: Making Technology Connect

Kathy R. Sanford
TW: @kathy26821

Building relationships between millennials and senior citizens by having youth share their tech knowledge and skills about smart phones, tablets and computers to enhance 21st-century communication for our seniors.

Taking Pride in the Environment

Sherrie L. Zagorc
FB: @sherrie.zagorc  |  LinkedIn

A community landscaping project that provides teen job training and employment while maintaining streetscapes and lawns for seniors and disabled residents.

Economic & Workforce Development

Presented in partnership with Oatey

  • Marsha Mockabee, President & CEO, Urban League of Greater Cleveland
  • Jill Rizika, Executive Director, Towards Employment
  • Neal Restivo, CEO, Oatey
  • Brad Whitehead, President, The Fund for Our Economic Future
Build on Solid Rock

Stephanie Buda

Renewing inner city families by restoring homes for working families in neighborhoods where commercial and public buildings are being upgraded but homes are not.

Cleveland’s Global Bazaar

Danielle Drake
FB: @danielle.drake.94 | IG: @sunshinedani | LinkedIn

A global market where refugees, immigrants and all the ethnic groups that call Cleveland home can sell food, jewelry, crafts and other handmade wares in one location.

Career Closet: More Than a Wardrobe

Shayla Ivezzy
FB: @shayla.ivezzy | IG: @Shayla_Spelmanite

A wardrobe on wheels and mobile career center that will provide students in under-served areas with professional attire and services to prepare them for successful futures and prompt economic empowerment.

Strategy with Strangers

Heather Lenz & Leslie Bednar
FB: @heather.lenz.5 | LinkedIn

Enabling people from different organizations or industries who are working on a similar problem to collaborate, exchange ideas and lay out a strategic approach with expert guidance.

Maker Duet

Rachel Wilkins Patel
FB: @makerduet | FB: @makerduet

A platform technology that allows for technical specialists to learn together and build technology in real-time small group environments.

Educating for Tomorrow

Presented in partnership with Nordson

  • Kirsten Ellenbogen, President & CEO, Great Lakes Science Center
  • Eric Gordon, CEO, Cleveland Metropolitan School District
  • Tom Kruczek, President, Notre Dame College
  • Cecilia Render, Executive Director, Nordson
  • Michael Schoop, President, Metropolitan Campus, Cuyahoga Community College

Become a Software Programmer

John Homenko & Sam Nasr
TW: @ae258 & @SamNasr  | LinkedIn (John) & LinkedIn (Sam)

Teaching eager learners of any age how to set up and program a Microsoft server database and Windows Form Application to make them marketable to work in the IT field.

Digital Literacy to Remember the Past

Shannise Jackson-Ndiaye
FB: @jshannise | TW: @jshannise| LinkedIn

Developing creative, critical thinking and problem-solving skills through storytelling that explores Cleveland’s history through literature, arts, digital media, and first-person accounts.

Leaders for the Educational Advancement of Disabled Students

Constantine Madias & Sydney Stone
FB: @constantine.madias & @sydney.stone11  |  TW: @sydneystone11  |  IG: @costa_ madi  &  @iamsydneystone  |  LinkedIn (Constantine)  &  LinkedIn (Sydney)

A mentorship program for students with disabilities, which would establish a sense of independence and enable and encourage them to pursue postsecondary education.

Music and Color

Josiah Smith
FB: @josiah.smith.5621

An app that helps anyone explore musical interests without the cost of instructors by making it easy and fun to learn at your own pace.

Getting our Babies to College 101

Jowan Smith
FB: @I-Dream-Communications-155758807773643  |  IG: @Mz_MJ_  |  LinkedIn

Helping parents through the stress of getting their students to college by exploring timelines, budgeting and other information beginning in the eighth grade.

Quality of Life

  • Robyn Minter Smyers, Partner-in-Charge, Cleveland, Thompson Hine LLP
  • Sharon Sobol Jordan, Chief of Staff, Office of the Cuyahoga County Executive
  • Kristin Warzocha, President & CEO, Greater Cleveland Food Bank
  • Brian Zimmerman, CEO, Cleveland Metroparks
Community Garden Initiative

Elizabeth Benninger & Sara Continenza

A gardening pilot program in under-resourced neighborhoods in Cuyahoga County using an educational toolkit focused on gardening skills, healthy eating and social and emotional learning.

Pillbox Project: Making the Most of Medication

Jaclyn Boyle & Kaitlin Patterson
FB: @jax.kruse@Kaitlin.Patterson.54 | @TW: @ImmaAPharmD  & @kip_13 | IG: @jax20808@kaitlin3213 | LinkedIn (Jaclyn)

Helping people understand the purpose and importance of taking medications so they can see improved outcomes related to chronic health conditions.

Urban Watershed Regatta

Ebony Hood
FB: @enhood  |  TW: @SeweRaTales  |  LinkedIn

Training and coaching youth to participate in a regatta as a way to expose them to a new form of urban sport that is connected to the environment they live in.

Eliminating Underreporting of Violence

Dr. Penny Smith
TW: @key2knowonline  |  IG: @alegriatek  |  LinkedIn

Using technology to restore joy to victims of violence by allowing them to report sexual or physical assault from the privacy of their own device or in cooperation with appropriate staff.

Memory Mat

Ava Alexandra Thomas
FB: @ava.thomas.58726 | TW: @SterlingGACharm

A personalized do-it-yourself placemat with pictures and phrases that act as memory cues for individuals with Alzheimer’s or dementia that also serves as a conversation starter for visitors and caregivers.

Transformative Arts and Culture

  • Raymond Bobgan, Executive Artistic Director, Cleveland Public Theatre
  • Evalyn Gates, Executive Director & CEO, Cleveland Museum of Natural History
  • Jill Snyder, Executive Director, Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland
  • Sean Watterson, President & Co-Owner, Happy Dog & Happy Dog at Euclid Tavern
Rock the Land

Rachel Elam
FB: @relam24  |  TW: @iamrachelam  |  LinkedIn

A self-sustaining rock school as an after-school program giving inner-city youth a creative outlet to better deal with the ups and downs they will encounter in their lives.

Imagination for our Imagined Nation

Daniel Gray-Kontar
FB: @danielgraykontarisreplife  |   TW: replife35  |   IG: @replife  | LinkedIn

A writing residency in Waterloo that offers youth and adult poets and writers a comfortable and rich environment in which to immerse themselves in significant projects for page and stage.

Ignite: A Celebration of the Burning River

Jim Ridge
FB: @ShareTheRiver |   TW: @sharetheriver  |  IG: @sharetheriver  | LinkedIn

Arts and music that activate unused spaces along the Cuyahoga River so people can experience, appreciate and enjoy how far it has come since the 1969 fire.

Girls and Grandmas Drumming for Change

Linda Thomas Jones
FB: @awofasi.irunsewe |   LinkedIn

Bringing together girls estranged from their family or in foster care with senior citizens with limited interaction with youth to create opportunities for self-exploration.

Positive Adaptive Art Classrooms

Jennifer White
FB: @whitejennifermarie |   FB: @whitejennifermarie  |  LinkedIn

An open, affirming and fun creative environment that facilitates art and performance exploration for individuals with cognitive or physical disabilities.