$5,0000 Winner

Tory Coats:  Teen Entrepreneur Pop-Up Shops

$2,000 Runners-up

Keshia Johnson Chambers: This is BLK CLE
Christopher Scott: Speak for Me
Gina VanCant & Kendra Valton: Latch & Learn
Angela Bair: Special Needs Resource Library

Community Change

Presented in partnership with Oswald Companies & Westfield Insurance Foundation

  • Margaret Bernstein (LC 2016), Director of Advocacy & Community Initiatives, WKYC
  • Robert Klonk (LC 2016, CLC Board), Chief Executive Officer, Oswald Companies
  • Susanna H. Krey (LC 2012, LC2 2013), President, Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland
  • George Rodrigue (LC 2016), Editor and General Manager, The Plain Dealer
  • Stuart Rosenberg (LC 2013, LC2 2014, CLC Board), Group Innovation and Strategy Leader, Westfield Insurance
Parenting Alone Takes Heart

Dahlia J. Cummings
FB: @The-OneThird-264054360469141

Improving the quality of life for people who parent alone by creating a community to promote entrepreneurship, shared housing, access to education and support groups.

Social and civic issues explained through dynamic video

Kelley L. Hynds
FB: @hyndsightmedia  |  TW: @hyndsightmedia  |  LinkedIn

Videos that explain the issues in the news and empower people with knowledge so they feel more confident in engaging with social and civic issues that impact them.

Photo by:
Roadell Hickman/CWRU
This is BLK CLE

Keshia Johnson Chambers
IG: @thisisblkcle

An internet and social media-based platform to support and promote the African American community and those who are engaged in or want to learn more about it.

Wind-powered Connectivity

Evan Robinson

Artistic and practical small wind turbines around downtown that harness renewable energy to charge peoples’ devices and stimulate their interaction with the environment.

FB: @minortasks  |  TW: @minortasks  |  IG: @minortasks

Personal Pods

Jessica Wilkins

Turning storage containers into bedrooms, ensuring that the LGBT population and others at higher risk for homelessness have a safe place to sleep.

Economic & Workforce Development

Presented in partnership with Oatey Co.

  • Kendra Gardiner, Senior Partner of Strategic Initiatives, JumpStart Inc.
  • Ethan Karp (LC 2017, LC2 2018, CLC Board), President & CEO, MAGNET
  • Neal Restivo (LC 2017, CLC Board), CEO, Oatey Co.
  • Sharon Sobol Jordan (LC 2003, Stokes CLI 2018), Chief of Staff, Cuyahoga County
  • Brad Whitehead (Stokes CLI 2018), President, The Fund for Our Economic Future
Teen Entrepreneur Pop-Up Shops

Tory Coats
FB: @TEEN-Enterprise-376617091899  |  TW: @teenenterprise  |  IG: @teenenterprise  |  LinkedIn

Providing young entrepreneurs business experience and the opportunity to sell products out of underutilized storefronts and vacant lots to help envision and promote the future of small business in our communities.

Dark Roast Financial

Warren D. Lamberson Jr.

Working with coffee shops and banks to bring financial literacy to low-income populations in underserved communities to improve their lives.

I Am My Sister’s Keeper

Shardé Morgan

Helping economically distressed young mothers by promoting self-sufficiency, education, career pathways and life coaching so they can contribute to the community.

MinorTask entrepreneurs

Alexander Robertson

An app that connects individuals with youth who can help out with various tasks around the house or business, gaining work and life experience.

Something Customized Just 4 U!

Kathy R. Sanford
TW: @kathy26821

Transforms second-hand clothing while getting teens to earn money, speak out on issues they care about and learn about financial literacy, banking and responsibility.

Educating for Tomorrow

Presented in partnership with Nordson

  • Kirsten Ellenbogen (LC 2014), President & CEO, Great Lakes Science Center
  • Eric Gordon (LC 2013), CEO, Cleveland Metropolitan School District
  • Thomas Kruczek (LC 2015), President, Notre Dame College
  • Bridget Moreno, Bernie Moreno Companies
  • Cecilia Render, Executive Director, Nordson Corporation Foundation
Music Lens: Inspiring Creativity and Confidence

Corinne Auger
FB: @musiclens

A free introductory music program for lower-income elementary schoolers. We create a supportive, high-energy experience of possibility, discovery and excitement.


Sonya Holland
FB: @sonya.holland.3  | TW: @shollan242 & @soholandphoto  | LinkedIn

Providing children aging out of foster care with education support and life skills necessary to be independent adults before they leave the foster care system.

Forest City Adventures

Katie Kohn

World-class outdoor programs that cultivate adaptive leadership skills of diverse high school students, enabling them to understand and thrive in complex environments.

If I can see it, I can achieve it

Michelle Person
TW: @kaianddaddyman

Promoting a love of reading and increasing literacy rates among high-risk readers through an interactive platform that highlights books prominently featuring characters of color.

Speak for Me

Christopher Scott
TW: @1Mr_UT  |  IG: @chrisscottmotivates

An app that connects schools and organizations in the African American community with a network of local talented speakers who can address specific motivational needs.

Health & Wellness

Presented in partnership with Cleveland Clinic

  • John Corlett (LC 2016), President & Executive Director, Center for Community Solutions
  • Elizabeth Newman (CBB 2004, LC 2016, LC2 2017), President & CEO, The Centers for Families & Children & Circle Health Services
  • Peter O’Neill, Executive Director, Cleveland Clinic Innovations
  • Jon Pinney (LC 2018), Managing Partner, Kohrman Jackson & Krantz
  • Kristin Warzocha (CBB 2002, LC 2010, CLC Board), President & CEO, Greater Cleveland Food Bank
Courage to Caregivers

Kristi Horner
FB: @couragetocaregivers  |  IG: @CourageToCaregivers  |  LinkedIn

Empowering caregivers and family members of those living with mental illness to put on their own oxygen mask first by providing self-care resources so they can better support their loved ones.

Gloria’s Way Memory Care

Tonia Porras
FB: @gloriaswaymc.org

A one-stop resource for education, wellness support and respite services to guide individuals with dementia, their caregivers and the community through the arduous journey.

One Ingredient at a Time

Halle Snavely
FB: @OneIngredientCo  |  IG: @oneingredientco

Encouraging people to eat more healthfully and connect with our local food system by highlighting food producers, what they produce and recipes to use their ingredients.

Point of Sale Production

Jeff Thaler & Marc Behar

Providing an innovative garden system that allows production and sale of quality produce directly to the community – decreasing pollution and increasing food accessibility.

Latch & Learn

Gina VanCant & Kendra Valton 
FB: @themilkmission  |  IG: @themilkmission  |  LinkedIn

Promoting breastfeeding in the African American community through education, incentives, consultants and other resources that reduce infant mortality.

Quality of Life

Presented in partnership with Cuyahoga Community College and Thompson Hine LLP

  • Debbie Berry (LC 2008, LC2 2014, CLC Board), Vice President of Planning and Real Estate Development, University Circle Inc.
  • Robyn Minter Smyers (CBB 2003, LC 2016), Partner-in-Charge, Cleveland, Thompson Hine LLP
  • Greg Peckham, Executive Director, LAND Studio
  • Michael Schoop (LC 2008), President, Metropolitan Campus, Cuyahoga Community College
  • Brian Zimmerman (LC 2011, LC2 2012 & 2014), CEO, Cleveland Metroparks
Special Needs Resource Library

Angela Bair

A library that makes educational and therapeutic resources accessible to parents/caregivers of special needs children, as well as educators, students and professionals.

TW: @LibintheHeights  |  LinkedIn

Elevating awareness of the refugee crisis through improv

Sean Seibert

An interactive theater piece that will educate audiences about the global refugee crisis. The audience members will experience displacement as they are directed to change seats, split up from their companions, etc., and need to make choices along the way.

Activate Art Gardens

Jacci Hammer & Joe Linsky
FB: @elevategallery

Transforming vacant spaces that once contained homes in Slavic Village into gardens and creative spaces that encourage community and neighborhood family involvement.

Art for Autism

Bryce Lowry & Angela Lowry

Selling artwork by those with autism to help individuals and families who struggle with its effects to get the help they need to be successful in school and their community.

Give Box CLE

Allison Lukacsy-Love
FB: @giveboxcle

A Little Free Library for daily provisions: weatherproof boxes on sturdy posts filled with non-perishables, toiletries and notes of positivity, always open to those in need, with anyone free to stock or shop.