Cleveland Leadership Center history

On July 1, 2006, visionary community leaders united four civic leadership programs − Leadership Cleveland, Cleveland Bridge Builders, (i)Cleveland and Look Up To Cleveland − to create the Cleveland Leadership Center with a mission to build a continuum of civic leaders committed to our community's excellence by serving as a catalyst for civic engagement.

Over time, CLC expanded its programs to serve individuals across a life and career continuum by launching the Civic Leadership Institute, LookUp Summer Session, Leadership Cleveland 2 Fellows, (i)Cleveland Service Breaks, (i)Cleveland Winter Edition and OnBoard Cleveland.

CLC also developed and expanded an array of events and opportunities to keep leaders connected to Cleveland and to each other, and encourage them to find new ways of advancing the civic sector, including the Accelerate annual civic pitch competition and ongoing forums to learn about civic issues and become inspired to take action.

To create lasting, positive change in the community, CLC also has embraced collaborations with Cleveland Metropolitan School District, Cleveland Metroparks, Teach for America, and myriad other organizations. Other programs such as Cleveland Executive Fellows (2007 −2010) and Civic Engagement Boot Camp (2012) provided opportunities for Clevelanders to more deeply understand and address community challenges.

The result has been more than a decade of positive community impact generated by four generations of established, rising and emerging leaders. By continually developing Cleveland's leadership through transformative experiences, CLC connects, inspires and challenges individuals to make a positive community impact.