What you need to know about Cleveland Bridge Builders

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Participants are diverse in age, race, gender, ethnicity, education, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, profession, sector and experience level.

You have the time

The CBB program year is spread over 10 months. Many attendees run businesses or are in mid-career positions with organizations and find the time commitment to be manageable – and well worth the sacrifice. The program includes five full-day sessions, a two-day opening retreat, and occasional small-group meetings to focus on Leadership Action Projects (see below).

You can make a mark right away

CBB Leadership Action Projects (LAPs) focus your energy on a meaningful civic issue. LAPs serve as a learning lab – an immediate place to apply newly learned skills and approaches to civic leadership. Learn more about LAPs.

Tuition is worth it (and scholarships are available)

CBB is an investment in your professional and civic careers. It also gives you the opportunity to connect with, see and experience Cleveland in ways you never have. Tuition for the Class of 2017 is $3,300. Each participant is required to contribute a minimum of $300 personally; the individual, an employer or other source may pay the balance. Partial scholarships are available, and CLC will work with successful applicants to ensure tuition is not a barrier.


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