Some commonly asked questions…

Who is in (i)Cleveland?

150 young adults, average ages 19 to 22. Most are summer interns sponsored by their employers or undergraduate college students.

How much time does (i)Cleveland take?

The (i)Cleveland Summer program is a 6 week series of events, with most occuring after the work day. Participants have the opportunity to join 1 weekly session and 2 Power Lunches over the course of the prorgam. Additional opportunities such as career fairs and social events are also available throughout the summer.

What do I get from (i)Cleveland?
  • Participants get head start on leadership: networking, civic education and exposure to resources and opportunities that make Cleveland a great place to live, work, and play.
  • Employers get amped up internship programs: increased visibility and connection to talented college students, higher talent retention rates, and training for potential employees.
  • Alumni of (i)Cleveland are invited to participate in Cleveland Leadership Center Alumni events, as well as getting access to job opportunities and (i)Cleveland social events.
How much does (i)Cleveland cost?

Tuition for the summer program is $250, payable at the time of registration. Any college student in northeast Ohio is eligible to participate. Online registration for Summer 2013 will begin in February 2013. No intern information (name, contact information etc.) is required at registration.

Contact Christy Burke Walkuski at (216) 592-2226 or for further information.

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