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"This institute by far is one of the most rewarding networking groups I have been fortunate enough to be part of since moving to Cleveland."
-Vice President, Cuyahoga Community College (CLI Fall 2012)

"I think the mix of individuals who are enrolled in this session of CLI is a great group, and I've met people from serveral different industries, areas, etc.  That enhances the overall experience."
-CLI Winter 2013

"The session opened my eyes to the vast amount of opportunities available for exploration as well as inspired me to take on a new appreciation for the city."
-Director of Community Relations, Cleveland Browns (CLI Fall 2012)

"It really opens my eyes to see all that is going on in Cleveland and the truly dedicated people that are making great strides in town."
-CLI Winter 2013

"Have learned a great deal about the community and some of the 'movers/shakers' ideas for development, have met some wonderful people so far and hope to remain in touch on a professional and personal basis."
-Partner, Buckley King (CLI Fall 2012)

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