Top 10 Leadership Books

  1. What Got You Here Won't Get You There, by Marshall Goldsmith. America’s most sought-after executive coach shows how to climb the last few rungs of the ladder.
  2. Leading with GRIT, by Laurie Sudbrink. A practical and proven guide for transforming the workplace, offering pragmatic insight on value-based strategies that improve the individual and the business.
  3. Resonant Leadership: Renewing Yourself and Connecting with Others Through Mindfulness, Hope, and Compassion, by Richard E. Boyatzis and Annie McKee. An indespensible guide to overcoming the vicious cycle of stress, sacrifice and dissonance that afflicts many leaders.
  4. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change, by Stephen Covey. One of the most inspiring and impactful books ever written has captivated readers for 25 years and transformed the lives of millions of people of all ages and occupations.
  5. Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap ... and Others Don't, by Jim Collins. The defining management study of the '90s showed how great companies triumph over time and how long-term sustained performance can be engineered into the DNA of an enterprise from the very beginning.
  6. Leap of Reason: Managing to Outcomes in an Era of Scarcity, by Mario Morino. The product of decades of hard-won insights from top social-sector innovators, intended to spark the critically important conversations that every nonprofit board and leadership team should have.
  7. Leading Change, by John P. Kotter. Widespread and difficult change is no longer the exception, it's the rule making the now-legendary eight-step process for managing change with positive results the foundation for leaders and organizations worldwide. 
  8. Finding Our Way: Leadership for an Uncertain Time, by Margaret J. Wheatley. How humanizing organizations and helping people to work together more effectively and compassionately can enable organizations to function more like responsive, self-organizing living systems, rather than cold mechanisms of control. 
  9. Stand Out: How to Find Your Breakthrough Idea and Build a Following Around It, by Dorie Clark. How to make a name for yourself by capitalizing on your unique perspective and knowledge and inspiring others to listen and take action.
  10. Changing Minds: The Art and Science of Changing Our Own and Other People's Minds (Leadership for the Common Good), by Howard Gardner. What happens during the course of changing a mind – and ways to influence that process.

Bonus: Emotionally Intelligent Leadership: A Guide for Students, by Marcy Levy Shankman, Scott Allen and Paige Haber-Curran. An engaging text for high school, undergraduate, and graduate students based on a conceptual model that helps students to become emotionally intelligent leaders.