YP Perspectives … with Gabriella (Gabi) Collier

15 minutes with Gabi Collier

Hometown: North Royalton, Ohio
School: The Ohio State University
Degree: BA -Strategic Communication

What was the route you took to pursue your degree?

I participated in post-secondary college courses the last 2 years of high school. This included a slightly stressful time waiting to find out what school I’d finish up my Bachelors degree at. I was both waitlisted and deferred prior to my formal acceptance at OSU as part of the Stadium Scholarship Program.

What was your outlook like during your final 2 semesters at OSU prior to and upon the onset of the pandemic?
I was finishing out my last year of college in the winter of 2019 and spring 2020. I had friends at a church group, a relationship, an internship and on campus work study. At the time in spring 2020 when shutdowns began, I was sad–being told after spring break to come on a designated day to pack up my belongings. Not being able to say goodbye and having to suddenly consider a long-distance relationship with my boyfriend…this came out of nowhere. The on-campus work study and nannying I’d taken on were also brought to an abrupt end.

 During your final semesters in college you had an internship, how was that opportunity challenged?
I had an internship through an animal rights group, and had only worked one event as the pandemic shut downs moved throughout the state of Ohio. The internship opportunity I had begun was no longer happening; after all of the preparation myself and others had put in. The internship was linked to what I’d like to do in the future once I’ve become established in my professional career.

Can you share about your journey applying for jobs in spring and summer of 2020 after you were told to vacate the campus?
I updated my resume to be “buzzword” ready, and submitted my resume to Indeed and to a nannying agency. I worked at Amazon while using my social networking skills to garner feedback and guidance from those currently in the professional world, along with personal mentors and associates. I knew that I could be a nanny for a limited time, yet also knowing I wanted to step into the corporate world. I had a decision to make when opportunities began to come available.

Have you participated in interviews and were any of them associated with your major of study?
I had been in touch with a few families for nannying which I’d been doing for a while, but the timing didn’t quite pan out. I had my eyes set on corporate recruiting and had been allowed to shadow at one agency in particular. I knew that as a Strategic Communications major I would have a broad reach in the corporate professional world. I was invited to an interview at the same agency I shadowed at and was also offered a job there which I accepted!

How have you stayed encouraged and what sets you apart from others?
Unfortunately I was unable to walk the stage for my 2020 graduation to physically receive my diploma. Even with quarantine going on this doesn’t have to be a setback, we can still choose to win. I stay positive and I don’t like to play into the fearful mindset, avoid weak mentality and be encouraging about life.