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Transforming schools toward educational equity

Meghann Marnecheck, Executive Director, Cleveland Transformation Alliance

Meghann provided background on The Cleveland Plan and the Cleveland Transformation Alliance (CTA), including CTA’s original four goals. She shared an overview of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District and how CTA fits into the landscape. She discussed the recent refresh of their goals, as well as how to show support for schools and educators, and ways to get involved.

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Recorded 09/06/2023

Strengthening underserved communities

Yvette Ittu, EVP, Finance and Operations / President, Greater Cleveland Partnership / Cleveland Development Advisors

Yvette shared who Cleveland Development Advisors are and their relationship to Greater Cleveland Partnership. She gave an historical snapshot of their investments since their funding in 1989, the major themes of those investments by decade, and the transformational and catalytic impacts they’ve had. She also touched on their Equitable Development Ecosystem Collaborative.

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Recorded 08/30/2023

Leading the Circle

Kate Borders, President, University Circle Inc.

Kate talked about what attracted her to Cleveland and University Circle Inc. (UCI) and what she’s learned in her first few months in the role. She shared some of the themes emerging from her listening tour, including some of the perceptions Clevelanders have of UCI, and discussed some of UCI’s programs and offerings.

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Recorded 08/23/2023

Transforming Tri-C

Dr. Michael Baston, Ed.D., J.D., President, Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C)

Dr. Baston talked about the vision of Tri-C and their current demographics, and gave a brief history of the leadership and direction of the college across the years. He shared his vision to move “citizens from economic fragility to economic mobility” and discussed the first 100 days and the listening tour that shaped the Presidential and Divisional Goals they have currently set forth.

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Recorded 08/16/2023

New Approaches in Cleveland Workforce

Danielle Crawford, Program Leader Grantmaking, Deaconess Foundation

Danielle touched on the background of the Cuyahoga County Workforce Funders Group and their desired impact. She talked about the systems change innovations that the group has worked on and their outcomes. She also discussed the focus and goals for 2023 and 2024, and how they innovations are helping to overcome challenges to connect workers with organizations in need.

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Recorded 08/02/2023

Strengthening our community through journalism

Lila Mills , Cleveland Editor-in-Chief, Signal Cleveland

Lila shared what Signal is and its background. She discussed the purpose of the organization, how they are changing the news model, and what the local community wants from their news organizations. She talked about the benefits of their news model, their funding, and their collaborations.

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Recorded 07/26/2023