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Hatred: an ever-present epidemic

Erika Rudin-Luria, President, Jewish Federation of Cleveland

Erika shared an overview of the Jewish Federation of Cleveland and Anti-Semitism and discussed its roots. She talked about the exponential increase in Anti-Sematic events globally, nationally, and locally, including a number of examples. She talked about the work the Jewish Federation of Cleveland is doing to combat Anti-Semitism and how everyone can help.

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Recorded 08/17/2022

The new trajectory of city planning

Lillian Kuri, EVP & Chief Operating Officer, Cleveland Foundation, & Chair – Cleveland Planning Commission, City of Cleveland

Lillian shared her background and how it shaped her career and her work in Cleveland to-date leading up to her current roles with the Cleveland Foundation and the City Planning Commission. She discussed the Cleveland Foundation’s new headquarters and how they are looking to reshape Midtown and Cleveland as a whole. She also touched upon the work of the planning commission under the new administration.

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Recorded 08/10/2022

The future of electric cars in NEO

Grace Gallucci (LC 2015), Executive Director, NOACA

Grace discussed NOACA’s electric vehicle Equity, Planning & Development Infrastructure plan. She shared the long-range plans, the why, the economics, and the timeline, as well as the project’s biggest challenges, and how their focus on equity helped shape the plan.

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Recorded 08/03/2022

Change at the speed of leadership

Lee Fisher (LC 1984), Dean, Cleveland State University Cleveland-Marshall College of Law

Lee shared five stories and five corresponding leadership lessons from across his career.

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Recorded 07/27/2022

Essential natural assets for the benefit of all

Rich Cochran (LC 2006), President & CEO, Western Reserve Land Conservancy

Rich shared an overview of the Western Reserve Land Conservancy’s work, and their focus on conservation, restoration, preservation, and revitalization in natural, rural, and urban areas. He discussed the impact of the environment on communities and individuals, and the links between tree canopy and health disparities.

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Recorded 07/20/2022


Brian Glassman, Legal Writing Professor Emeritus, Cleveland State University Cleveland-Marshall College of Law

Brian gave a brief overview of election law, voting, and redistricting as it relates to Ohio’s current situation and provided the history and basics of gerrymandering. He covered the recent attempts at redistricting, the results of those attempts, and how it has affected recent elections, as well as ramifications going forward.

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Recorded 07/06/2022