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A very short cybersecurity primer for business leaders

Andy Jones, CEO, Fortress Security Risk Management, a division of MCPC

Andy dicussed the biggest cyber security threats, the risk factors, and how to mitigate those risks. He shared the current environment of increasing regulation of organizational cyber security policies and insurance. He shared some of the issues facing the cyber security industry and how businesses can become more “cyber resilient.”

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Recorded 05/31/2023

Helping young people with challenges thrive

Habeebah Rasheed Grimes, Chief Executive Officer, Positive Education Program

Habeebah provided a brief background of Positive Education Program (PEP), their history and what they do. She shared their three priority areas for the next few years to optimize existing programs and services, innovate new programs and services, and establish a flourishing workplace. She also discussed how the pandemic has created new challenges for the people they serve and their organization.

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Recorded 05/24/2023

Clean air, water, and soil: The EPA responds to crises

Mark Durno, Homeland Security Advisor, Region 5, U.S. EPA

Mark shared the EPA’s work across the region, from clean-up efforts of toxic waste on abandoned sites and homeland security responsibilities, to responding to major crises, such as the 2001 Anthrax attacks, the Flint water crisis, and the train derailment in East Palestine. He shared details about the East Palestine situation, including their initial response, current clean-up efforts, what’s on tap for the near future, the anticipated long-term impacts, and their continued community involvement and education efforts.

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Recorded 05/17/2023

Politics and protests: Israel’s future in peril

Oren Baratz , SVP for External Affairs, Jewish Federation of Cleveland

Oren provided a historical background that has led to the current situation. He shared recent actions by the Israeli government that sparked the protests, what is happening now, and the resulting political divide within the country.

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Recorded 05/10/2023

What are Greater Cleveland’s Largest Job Needs?

Jacob Duritsky , VP, Strategy & Research, Team NEO

Jacob talked about the current state of the economy, Northeast Ohio’s population, and wages. He  discussed opportunities and challenges, and provided a high level look at the labor market in the region and the misaligned opportunities. He also shared how they are using the data to spur action through three initiatives:

  • Talent Development Council
  • Cleveland Talent Alliance
  • Career by Design Workshops
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Recorded 05/03/2023

CIA: The next chapter

Kathryn Heidemann, President & CEO, Cleveland Institute of Art (CIA)

Kathryn touched on the history of the Cleveland Institute of Art, their mission, and their strategic plan goals. She shared some of the initiatives that are already underway, what’s next, and what’s on the long-term horizon. She also reflected on some leadership lessons from her 10 months at the head of CIA.

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Recorded 04/26/2023