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Choose to Lead

Jim Kubacki (LC2 2013, LC 2011), President, St. Edward High School

Jim discussed four types of leadership (personal, organizational, visionary, and operational) and elements of them that he thinks is important today.

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Recorded May 4, 2022

What’s next for the West Side Market

Jessica Trivisonno, Senior Strategist, West Side Market, City of Cleveland

Jessica provided a history of the Market, an overview of its current state, and the challenges facing the market, the City, and the vendors. She shared some of the recent changes , such as leasing, experimenting with new ideas, modernization, and building improvements. She also discussed the vision for the future including an independent operator, improving food access, strategic capital investments, and their commitment to continuing to “listen and learn.”

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Recorded May 4, 2022

International crises, local impact

Michael Goldberg (LC 2007, LookUp 1987), Executive Director, Veale Institute for Entrepreneurship, Case Western Reserve University

Michael discussed how local entrepreneurs have been impacted by global events. He also shared his thoughts on talent attraction and retention, how remote and hybrid work has altered where people choose to live, and how he sees artificial intelligence as the next big thing that will alter our world and businesses specifically.

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Recorded April 27, 2022

Building a place for all to thrive

Tania Menesse (LC 2022), President & CEO, Cleveland Neighborhood Progress

Tania provided a background on Cleveland Neighborhood Progress and an overview of the elements of their work. She discussed their focus neighborhoods, as well as the challenges around the funding of CDCs and community engagement. She also shared the prospects for Shaker Square and the role of parks and greenspace in uplifting neighborhoods.

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Recorded April 20, 2022

A new approach to old issues

Jeff Epstein (LC 2016), Chief of Integrated Development, City of Cleveland

Jeff shared some of the changes happening at City Hall, from culture shifts around teamwork and communication, to improving processes and empowering employees on all levels to contribute ideas and solutions. He discussed the focus internally on innovation and externally on accountability and transparency. He also shared updates on some major projects across the city.

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Recorded April 13, 2022

All in for Cleveland

Baiju Shah, President & CEO, Greater Cleveland Partnership

Baiju shared why they chose the phrase, “all in,” how they developed the All-in Plan, and the five priorities outlined in the plan. He discussed how it will be essential for the public and private sectors to work together, and the critical role of the nonprofit community. He also shared how they anticipate making the necessary culture shifts, outlined some of the obstacles they foresee, and talked about how they will measure success.

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Recorded April 6, 2022

All things aerospace in Ohio

Dr. John Sankovic, President & CEO, Ohio Aerospace Institute

Dr. Sankovic gave an overview of what the Ohio Aerospace Institute does across Ohio and their three areas of focus:

  • Research & technology development
  • Education & training
  • Collaboration & technology-based economic development

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Recorded March 30, 2022

Fighting for Women and Girls

Stephenie Foster, Author and Founding Partner, Smash Strategies

Stephenie talked about how to become an advocate, the resources she has available for those who want to create change. She also touched on each of the four main concepts of her new book, Take Action: Fighting for Women and Girls:

  • Girls’ education
  • Women’s economic empowerment
  • Political participation by women
  • Gender-based violence

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Recorded March 23, 2022

The leader we all wish we had IS YOU

Dr. Amy Acton, Former Director, Ohio Department of Health

Dr. Acton shared her background and how she ended up in the crosshairs of history. She discussed her work at the Ohio Department of Health pre-pandemic and a behind-the-scenes of the early pandemic days. She talked about how empowerment, brutal honesty, and vulnerability were the cornerstones of her leadership. She also touched on the cooperation and collaboration that created a united front administratively, and what we need to do going forward.

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Recorded March 17, 2022

Finding hope and a new home in Cleveland

Darren Hamm, Director, Cleveland Office, U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI)

Darren provided a background of USCRI in Cleveland and the 14-organization collaborative of which they are part of, that provides support through the resettlement process and beyond. He talked about the resettlement process, trends locally across time and currently, as well as touching on the current situation with Afghani and Ukrainians seeking asylum in Cleveland.

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Recorded March 9, 2022

Saving local performing arts & music venues

Sean Watterson (LC 2016), Owner, Happy Dog
Kathy Blackman, Owner, Grog Shop & B Side Lounge

Sean and Kathy shared their stories from the beginning of the pandemic through today, discussing how they navigated closures, reopenings, and the subsequent waves of the pandemic. They shared how they supported their employees over the course of the past two years, and the coalitions that have been built, locally and nationally, to advocate for the arts as jobs and the economy.

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Recorded March 2, 2022

Cleveland Public Library: The people’s university

Felton Thomas, Jr. (LC 2010) Executive Director & CEO, Cleveland Public Library

Felton talked about the library’s traditional role and how they are evolving the vision of what a library is. He shared how they are leveraging the trust and access the library has, as well as the knowledge and talents of community members, to become the great equalizer and help to distribute the gifts of Cleveland more equally through The People’s University.

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Recorded February 23, 2022

Leadership abroad: the changing landscape of Europe

Elliot Posner, Ph.D., Professor and Chair Department of Political Science, Case Western Reserve University

Dr. Posner gave an overview of the current state of the European Union, their COVID response, the situation between the Ukraine and Russia, as well as what may be in store in the future.

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Recorded February 16, 2022

Cleveland: An all-star city

David Gilbert (LC 2001), President & CEO, Destination Cleveland & Greater Cleveland Sports Commission

David discussed the reach and anticipated impact of hosting the NBA All-Star game. He shared what the entire weekend entails, the collaborators that have helped make this weekend a reality, and what they have done to prepare the city. He also shared the ways they are expanding the reach of the event in the community beyond the weekend.

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Recorded February 9, 2022

Caring for our caregivers during COVID

Melissa Kline (LC 2021), Senior Vice President, System Chief Nurse Executive, The MetroHealth System

Melissa gave an overview of the COVID experience through the lens of nurses over the past few years and shared stories of their love, dedication, and sacrifice. She discussed how MetroHealth is addressing the needs of their nurses and the opportunities and support they are providing, as well as ways everyone can help support nurses.

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Recorded February 2, 2022

The mayoral transition

Erika Anthony (CBB 2014, CLI 2010), Executive Director, Ohio Transformation Fund

Erika shared the process and priorities of the transition team, and the extensive research and conversations that led to the recommendations from each of the 10 committees. She also shared the extensive nature of the product they prepared for Mayor Bibb and his team, and the expectations and the urgency around the implementation of the recommendations. She discussed her takeaways from the process and how those across Northeast Ohio can best support the new administration.

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Recorded January 26, 2022

Chief Williams: Seven significant years

Calvin Williams (LC 2017), Retired Chief of Police, City of Cleveland

Chief Williams talked about his leadership and decision-making approaches, highlighting the importance of collaboration and cooperation. He talked about his proudest moments and moving the police force from a warrior mentality to a guardian mentality. He also shared his opinion on the greatest challenges and opportunities ahead for the police division and the charter amendment passed in November, as well as what’s next for him.

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Recorded January 19, 2022

The Opportunity Corridor – a neighborhood perspective

Joy Johnson (LC 2021, CBB 2015), Executive Director, Burten, Bell, Carr Development, Inc.
Denise Van Leer, Executive Director, Fairfax Renaissance Development Corporation

Denise and Joy shared the planning process for the Opportunity Corridor, how the neighborhoods and residents were involved, and the ultimate vision for the Corridor. They talked about projects underway, as well as what’s up next for the area.

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Recorded January 12, 2022

City leadership – a changing of the guard

Blaine Griffin (LC2 2015, LC 2014, CLC Board), City Council President, City of Cleveland

Blaine discussed where we are now as a city and region, his vision, and what we need to do, “to be the first, to be the best, and to be different.”

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Recorded January 5, 2022

Connecting students with careers

Andrea Vullo (CLI 2015, CBB 2014), Strategic Partner, PACE (Planning and Career Exploration), Advocacy & Communication Solutions, LLC

Andrea talked about what PACE and its core components, the process and systems changes that are occurring throughout the district to accommodate PACE, and the needs and requirements to ensure successful outcomes.

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Recorded December 15, 2021

Our National Park – now and in the future

Lisa J. Petit, Ph.D., Superintendent, Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Dr. Petit shared a bit of the history of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park (CVNP), what they do as an organization, and some of the changes coming in terms of growing service, access, and increased experiences. She shared how they work in conjunction with the adjacent communities, and the restoration and conservation efforts both underway and in store for the future.

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Recorded December 8, 2021

Behind the Scenes of the Rock Hall induction ceremony

Greg Harris (LC 2010), President & CEO, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame & Museum
Nwaka Onwusa, Vice President & Chief Curator, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame & Museum

Greg and Nwaka shared behind-the-scenes anecdotes of the induction ceremony, unique moments with the artists, and stories about the collection of artifacts for the inductees exhibit. They also shared insights into the incredible amount of work and support required to host this event in Cleveland, especially during the pandemic.

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Recorded December 1, 2021

Downtown CLE – the vision for its future

Michael Deemer (LC 2019), President & CEO, Downtown Cleveland Alliance

Michael shared the state of the recover of Downtown and some of the things they are doing to accelerate that recovery. He also discussed the vision for downtown and the direction they are headed as we emerge from the pandemic and in light of the sweeping leadership changes we are seeing across the community.

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Recorded November 17, 2021

Love Doesn’t Shove: Promoting healthy relationships

Gabriella Kreuz, Founder/Speaker, Love Doesn’t Shove

Gabriella shared the origin story of Love Doesn’t Shove and how she helps students understand and identify healthy and unhealthy relationship behaviors and patterns. She shared her approach to the subject, strategies for intervention, and her vision for spreading the message even further.

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Recorded November 10, 2021

Cleveland mayoral election – the day after

Chris Quinn (LC 2015), Editor, Plain Dealer & Vice-President of Content, Advance Ohio

Chris touched on the endorsements and the campaign tactics that let to Bibb’s landslide victory. He also touched on what he sees happening with the new administration, what the passing of Issue 24 means, the school board races and results, the upcoming City Council President opening, and more.

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Recorded November 3, 2021

The schools and the pandemic: year 3

Eric Gordon (LC 2013), CEO, Cleveland Metropolitan School District

Eric shared the struggles and needs of the district as they operate fully in-person as the pandemic continues. He also shared some bright spots and successes, as well as new and upcoming opportunities for the students and families.

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Recorded October 27, 2021

NASA Glenn Research Center technologies

Dr. Marla Pérez-Davis, Director, NASA Glenn Research Center

Dr. Pérez-Davis discussed the focus and work at NASA Glenn. She shared some of the technologies they are developing and their purpose, as well as her vision for the center in the coming years.

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Recorded October 20, 2021

A race against death – COVID vaccine development

Olubukola (Olu) Abiona, MD-Ph.D. candidate, Case Western Reserve University

Olu discussed the process of the vaccine development, the science behind it, why the vaccine works, and common myths and misconceptions.

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Recorded October 13, 2021

Empowering the Latino community

Selina Pagan, Executive Director, Young Latino Network

Selina talked about the organization’s evolution from a volunteer-led young professionals group to a full-fledged social impact nonprofit and her transition from Board President to Executive Director. She shared the work they are currently doing and her vision for the short- and long-term future as they continue to build the organization.

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Recorded October 6, 2021

Seeking refuge in Cleveland

Patrick Kearns, Executive Director, Refugee Response

Patrick shared the plight of Afghani refugees, and discussed the increased challenges due to the precipitous fall of Afghanistan and the lack of resources to handle an influx of refugees of this quantity, particularly the limited housing market. He shared how Refugee Response is helping newcomers from across the globe get a new start on life.

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Recorded September 29, 2021

Community advancement through collaboration

Ricardo León, Executive Director, Metro West Community Development Organization

Ricardo shared the planning process Metro West undertook to create a comprehensive master plan for the Clark-Fulton neighborhood. He shared the collaborative process of bringing together stakeholders, partner organizations, and the community at-large, the over-arching vision for the neighborhood, and the eight focal points of the plan.

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Recorded September 22, 2021

Northeast Ohio real estate, what’s the deal?

Michael Cantor (LC2 2013, LC 2012), Managing Director & Principal, Allegro Real Estate Brokers & Advisors
Seth Task, President, Ohio REALTORS

Michael and Seth discussed the affects of the pandemic on the commercial, industrial, and residential real estate markets. The shared the current trends in each sector and factors affecting those trends, and what they foresee on the horizon in the coming months.

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Recorded September 15, 2021

Plastic pollution + our Great Lake

Eric Freedman, Ph.D., Knight Center for Environmental Journalism Chair and Professor, Michigan State University

Dr. Freedman discussed how microplastics are entering our water supply, the downstream effects they’re having across industries, and what we need to do to turn the tide.

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Recorded September 8, 2021

Returning employees to the office: When? How? What now?

Shelly Peet (LC2 2013, LC 2009, CBB 2001, CLC Board) VP, Human Resources & Chief Information Officer, Nordson Corporation
Dalithia Smith (LC 2020), Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer, Oatey Co.

Dalithia and Shelly discussed how Oatey and Nordson have led employees through the pandemic, from the initial stages through today. They discussed the pros and cons of remote and hybrid work, vaccination and mask regulations, mental health and well-being initiatives, attracting and retaining talent in this competitive job market, and how they remain flexible as the situation continues to evolve.

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Recorded September 1, 2021

CLE’s mayoral race: insights & influences

Nick Castele, Reporter/Producer, ideastream

Nick shared his observations of the campaign including, how candidates are getting their message out, the messages they are putting forth, endorsements, and make or break issues. He also discussed voter registration and voter turnout.

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Recorded August 25, 2021

Greater Cleveland RTA: the road ahead

India Birdsong (LC 2022), General Manager & CEO, Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority

India shared what attracted her to Cleveland, projects on the horizon for RTA, and their focus on equity and serving those who need them most. She discussed RTA’s new focus on community impact, involving the community and ensuring riders feel safe are provided with the connectivity they need.

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Recorded August 18, 2021

The arts, the reopening, and the recovery ahead

Laura Kepley (LC 2021), Artistic Director, Cleveland Play House

Laura gave an overview of how Cleveland Play House worked through the challenges of the pandemic through virtual programming. She shared how they are viewing the upcoming season as a homecoming where old and new friends can re/connect and process the emotions of the past year, and gave an overview of each show in the 2021-2022 season. She also shared what’s happening around town through other arts organizations.

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Recorded August 11, 2021

Cleveland Metroparks’ Re-Connecting Cleveland

Brian Zimmerman (LC2 2014, LC2 2012, LC 2011), CEO, Cleveland Metroparks

Brian gave a brief overview of all of the recent projects the Metroparks have completed (Whiskey Island Connector, Red Line Greenway, the Noshery, Towpath Stage 4, Brighton Park, Wendy Park Bride, The Lindsey Family Play Space, Eagle Zip Adventure, and the Lake Erie Water Trail), highlighted some of the happenings and opportunities for visitors across they park system – including their redesigned app, and shared plans for the future. He also noted the recent Innovation in Social Equity national award the Metroparks received and that they are once again a Finalist for the National Gold Medal Award for Parks & Recreation.

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Recorded August 4, 2021

Transforming communities through visual art

Stamy Paul (LC 2020), Founder & President, Graffiti HeArt

Stamy shared Graffiti HeArt’s origin story, their work and growth over the past seven years in elevating the work of local artists and opening doors through scholarship opportunities for aspiring young artists. She shared some of the projects they’ve helped bring to life, as well as details about the upcoming WRDSMTH tour during which he will create 15 new murals across Cleveland.

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Recorded July 28, 2021

Cleveland’s waterways: access, economics, and investments

Will Friedman (LC 2012), President & CEO, Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority

The Port Authority is responsible for maintaining the port’s waterways and facilities, encouraging importers and exporters to use its facilities, and driving economic development through financial and real estate investments. Learn how they are working to advance their mission and increasing port usage and lake access.

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Recorded July 21, 2021

Housing choice voucher program: how it will improve life outcomes

Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA)
Dorivette Nolan, Director of Policy, Planning, and Housing Mobility
Aleksandra Tyler, Mobility and Landlord Outreach Coordinator
Carla Haren (ALI 2021, CLI 2019, CBB 2016), Executive Administrative Officer/Board Liaison

The ZIP code in which a child lives is highly predictive of their long-term outcomes in life across all facets of life (financial, mental and physical health, education, etc.). CMHA was one of nine public housing authorities across the nation that participated in HUD’s Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Mobility Demonstration giving families the opportunity to move to low-poverty neighborhoods (aka opportunity areas). Dorivette, Aleksandra, and Carla shared how the HCV program works, the trends and research that led to its creation, its goals and the target populations. They discussed how it removes many of the barriers many face in moving to opportunity areas.

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Recorded July 14, 2021

Race and historic housing inequality in Cleveland

Dr. Todd M. Michney
Assistant Professor, School of History and Sociology, Georgia Institute of Technology

Redlining, a form of discriminatory denial of service based on race (largely focused on Black populations), has had devastating impacts across our country. Dr. Michney, author of  Surrogate Suburbs: Black Upward Mobility and Neighborhood Change in Cleveland, 1900-1980 discussed the history of redlining, its cascading effects over the years, and the resulting inequities in our communities today.

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Recorded July 7, 2021

A history of the role of race in the construction of U.S. immigration policy

Dr. John Grabowski
Kreiger-Mueller Joint Professor in History, Case Western Reserve University
Senior Vice President for Research and Publications, Western Reserve Historical Society

Dr. Grabowski discussed immigration policies and laws, and constitutional rights of immigrants from the inception of the United States through today. He discussed how they are shaped by individual beliefs and biases across time and how that shaped our country as we know it now.

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Recorded June 30, 2021

Black Americans in Cleveland, Ohio: 200+ Years of History

Dr. Regennia N. Williams
Distinguished Scholar of African American History and Culture, Western Reserve Historical Society
Founder & Executive Director, The RASHAD Center, Inc.

Dr. Williams discussed the work of key individuals, institutions, and organizations from the city’s founding in 1796 through 2021.

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Recorded June 23, 2021

COVID-19 Vaccine: Addressing the Disparities

Keisha Krumm, Executive Director/Lead Organizer, Greater Cleveland Congregations (GCC)

Vaccinations for Black populations in Cleveland are far behind those for white populations. According to an article by The Land highlighting GCC’s work to increase the percentage of Black individuals receiving the vaccine, roughly 45% of white residents had received a first shot by April 19. In that same time frame, less than half of that percentage (21%) of Black residents had received their first dose. Keisha shared how GCC is turning the tide on those numbers by breaking down misconceptions and barriers to access, while leveraging the Black community’s strong ties to, and trust in, their faith communities.

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Recorded June 16, 2021

Higher education: the road traveled + the road ahead

Harlan Sands, President, Cleveland State University

Harlan talked about the early days of the pandemic at CSU and how they viewed it as an opportunity to grow. He also discussed the new partnerships, co-ops and guaranteed internship programs CSU is committed to as a means to attract and retain young talent in Cleveland.

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Recorded June 9, 2021

Pride in the CLE: Why it matters for everyone

Phyllis “Seven” Harris (LC2 2020, LC 2019), Executive Director, LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland

Seven shared the origins of Pride Month, how it has evolved, and how it is a movement as much as a celebration. She shared the plans for the 2021 Pride in CLE, why it is equals parts visibility, resistance, advocacy, and celebration, and their hope to broaden the event’s message and reach through a partnership with WKYC.

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Recorded June 2, 2021

The pandemic and population shifts

Stephan Whitaker, Policy Economist, Federal Reserve Bank

Stephen shared recent data regarding the population inflow and outflow of urban neighborhoods, both nationally and in Cleveland, over the past few years and highlighted specific trends occurring during the pandemic. He shared his views on what he foresees for Cleveland in the coming years and how Cleveland can capture a larger share of the increased permanent remote workforce.

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Recorded May 26, 2021

A voice for indigenous populations

Cynthia Connolly, Development Director, Policy Matters Ohio

Cynthia shared two of the biggest issues facing indigenous peoples – accurate representation and invisibility – largely stemming from a lack of education. She talked about the issues inherent in and resulting from the Indian Relocation Act, including cultural genocide, racism, and the wealth gap, and discussed some of the ways they are working to offset those issues. She also shared some of the recent efforts centered around the census and the pandemic and COVID vaccination.

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Recorded May 19, 2021

Innovation in lakefront development

Ali Lukacsy-Love (CBB 2017), Director of Planning & Development, City of Euclid

Ali shared The City of Euclid’s innovative approach to lakefront development that tackles public access and erosion issues for private property owners at the same time. Their unique public-private partnership is helping address high water and erosion issues for land owners while creating accessible and usable lakefront amenities for other residents.

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Recorded May 12, 2021

Broadway Rising: transforming Slavic Village

Earl Pike (LC 2009), Executive Director, University Settlement Inc.
Scott Villani (CLI 2011), Chief Strategy Officer, The NRP Group LLC
Kanika Williams, Slavic Village resident

Earl and Scott discussed the Broadway Rising project and their considerations for the community as they were designing it. They shared how the partnership between University Settlement and The NRP Group came to be, and why The NRP Group is invested in the project. Kanika talked about the challenges Slavic Village residents face, how University Settlement is helping them, and how the Broadway Rising project will boost the community. The also shared tips on collaboration based on what’s worked well throughout this project and their long-term visions for the Slavic Village neighborhood.

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Recorded May 5, 2021

2021 Anisfield-Wolf Book Awards

Karen Long (LC 2020), Manager, Anisfield-Wolf Book Awards, Cleveland Foundation

Karen shared the history of the Awards and gave a brief synopsis of each book in the Class of 2021. She shared the criteria, and the nomination and selection process, as well as some of the trends they’ve seen over the years.

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Recorded April 28, 2021

Women in public office

Phyllis Cleveland (LC 2011), Councilwoman, Ward 5, City of Cleveland
Jasmin Santana, Councilwoman, Ward 14, City of Cleveland
Jenny Spencer (CBB 2011), Councilwoman, Ward 15, City of Cleveland

Phyllis, Jasmin, and Jenny shared their personal experiences as members of the Cleveland City Council, their goals, and their vision for the City. They discussed some of the challenges and surprises, and shared tips for anyone interested in pursuing public office.

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Recorded April 21, 2021

“Not Going Quietly”: A conversation with the filmmakers

Nicholas Bruckman, Director
Amanda Roddy, Producer
Moderated by Patrick Shepherd (LC 2020, CBB 2003), Associate Director, Cleveland International Film Festival

Nicholas and Amanda shared how the film came to be, the experience of filming, and how the deep integration they had into Ady’s life and family led to an extremely strong storytelling experience. They also shared how they hope the film will encourage and inspire others to learn more about health care reform and to be engaged and taking action for all causes that matter to them.

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Recorded April 15, 2021

Behavioral Health: An integrated approach

Dr. Michael Biscaro, Chief of Behavioral Health, St. Vincent Charity Medical Center

Dr. Biscaro shared statistics on the increased need for mental and behavioral services during the pandemic and the integrated model they have established at St. Vincent Charity Medical Center to focus on the whole patient. He shared how this integrated model is yielding more successful outcomes and decreasing costs.

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Recorded April 14, 2021

Harvest for Hunger: Fighting Food Insecurity

Bill Lacey, President & CEO, GE Lighting, a Savant Company
Sean Richardson (LC 2011), President, Greater Cleveland Region, Huntington

Bill and Sean discussed food insecurity, corporate responsibility, employee community engagement, leadership, and the importance of the Harvest for Hunger campaign for our community. They also shared the various (and easy) ways to get involved and contribute to the campaign.

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Recorded April 7, 2021

Adverse Childhood Experiences in Economic Development

Michael Jeans (LC 2016), President, Growth Opportunity Partners

Michael provided a brief overview of Growth Opportunity Partners and discussed Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) – what they are and their downstream effects in adults, including how they impact those affected in the business arena. He shared Growth Opportunity Partners’ belief that improved health plus increased economic access will improve outcomes across the community and how they have connected with local health organizations to explore this area and are working to incorporate their findings into their work.

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Recorded March 31, 2021

Re-Entry Court: The clients and our community

Judge Nancy Margaret Russo (ALI 2020, LC 2000), Judge, Cuyahoga County Court of Common Please

Judge Russo shared how the Re-Entry Court came to be and who they take into the program. She discussed how the program helps change the trajectory of those in the program, as well as the perceptions of the community of formerly incarcerated individuals – including the 92% success rate and the cost savings the program has on the local criminal justice system.

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Recorded March 22, 2021

Resilience in Difficult Times

Allison Hite, Founder, Never Ever Give Up Cleveland

Allison discussed what Never Ever Give Up Cleveland has been up to since she won the Authentic Cleveland Experiences category at Accelerate 2019 which allowed her to launch the project including, public art installations, a podcast series, and a book. She shared Stories of Struggle and Letters of Hope, as well as ways we can all move forward together.

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Recorded March 19, 2021

One Year Later: How the Pandemic Changed Us All

Eric Gordon (LC 2013), Chief Executive Officer, Cleveland Metropolitan School District
Elizabeth McIntyre (LC 2006), Executive Editor, Crain’s Cleveland Business
Dr. Margaret McKenzie (LC 2019, CLC Board), President, South Pointe Hospital, Cleveland Clinic
Kristin Warzocha (LC 2010, CBB 2002, CLC Board), President and CEO, Greater Cleveland Food Bank

In this candid conversation Eric, Elizabeth, Margaret, and Kristin shared their biggest organizational and personal challenges, their leadership advice, lessons learned, and in hindsight what they would have done differently. They talked about the importance of imparting confidence as a leader, and how critical communication, compassion, and empathy are when leading in difficult and uncertain times.

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Recorded March 15, 2021

Southwest Airlines: The Pandemic, 50 Years, and 1 Million Acts of Kindness

Ana Schwager, Community Outreach Lead, Southwest Airlines

Ana shared a bit of Southwest Airlines culture, how they weathered the early days of the pandemic, and how they pivoted to meet the market where it is now and moving forward. She also discussed their 1 Million Acts of Kindness campaign in celebration of their 50th anniversary celebration this year.

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Recorded March 10, 2021

Accelerate 2021 Finalists: What’s Next

  • Sara Kidner: Read Like Me Watch now>
  • Antwoine Washington + Michael Russell, MOCHA Gallery Watch now>
  • Abigail Poeske + Rachel Hosler, An Ecosystem of Innovators Watch now>
  • Laylah Allen + Ashley Welch, Project Coping Box Watch now>
  • Michelle Park, Project DeLight: Dark Night, Stars Bright Watch now>
  • Lisa Rose-Rodriguez, Planting Stems of Peace Watch now>

The winners talk about their Accelerate experience, what their next steps are, and what success looks like for their projects. They each also shared words of advice for others with ideas and passion projects.

Watch now >
Recorded March 3, 2021

Why Stemming the Exodus of Women from the Workforce is an Economic & Social Imperative

Denise Reading (LC 2003), CEO, GetWorkerFIT and LDR Worldwide

Denise illustrated the myriad ways in which the pandemic has driven women from the workplace, what this means for organizations and our society, as well as ways to help stem the exodus and reintegrate women back into the workforce.

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Recorded February 24, 2021

Accelerate Success Showcase

Karson Baldwin, Accelerate 2019 Winner: Onè Respè
Matt Fieldman (CBB 2012), Accelerate 2015 Winner: Cleveland Codes
Jowan Smith, Accelerate 2020 Winner: 1,000 Ties & Accelerate 2017 Finalist: Getting Our Babies to College 101

Matt, Karson, and Jowan shared how their Accelerate pitches have taken flight and are changing lives, the challenges they’ve faced, and how people can help advance their work.

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Recorded February 17, 2021

Women in STEM

Jane Christyson, CEO, Girl Scouts of North East Ohio

Jane shared how the Girl Scouts are focused on building leadership and cultivating a strong interest in STEM for girls. She shared the newest initiatives and what’s next for the Girl Scouts of North East Ohio.

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Recorded February 10, 2021

The pandemic and the economy

Guhan Venkatu (LC 2020, CBB 2005), Group Vice President, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

Guhan shared data and trends that illustrates how the pandemic has affected our economy and how we are recovering.

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Recorded February 3, 2021

Creating your winter self-care plan

Kristi Horner, Founder and Executive Director, Courage to Caregivers
Jenny Woodworth, Program Coordinate and Support Group Leader, Courage to Caregivers

Kristi and Jenny shared what self-care is, why it’s important, and tips to practice it over the next few months as we weather the remainder of the Northeast Ohio winter and the pandemic.

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Recorded January 29, 2021

Organizational Diversity and Inclusion

Kevin Clayton, Vice President of Diversity, Inclusion & Engagement, Cleveland Cavaliers

Kevin shared the Cavs definitions of diversity, equity, and inclusion and how they are working to advance all three within their organization and across the community. He also shared ways for everyone to support the Cavs work, as well as what people can do to promote equity and inclusion within their own organizations and in the community.

Watch now >
Recorded January 27, 2021

Captovation: Online Presentations by Design

Scott J. Allen, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Management, Boler College of Business, John Carroll University
Maria Soriano Young, Writing Center Director and Coordinator of Teaching for Graduate Assistants, John Carroll University

Scott and Maria shared best practices from their book, Captovation: Online Presentations by Design, for creating engaging, informative online presentations. They touched on everything from backgrounds and technology to slides and voice tone.

Watch now >
Recorded January 26, 2021

Community Innovation

Donté Gibbs (CBB 2019), #Masks4Community & Donté’s Gift Express
Cait Kennedy (ALI 2018), [unBail]

Donté and Cait shared the impact of their respective projects, how they came to be, and lessons they learned along the way. They discussed how they balance these projects as extra commitments in their lives and shared advice for those who may want to launch a civic project.

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Recorded January 13, 2021

Cleveland 2021 – what are our priorities?

David Abbott (LC 1989), Executive Director, The George Gund Foundation

David discussed what Cleveland need to do to succeed in 2021 through the lens of the Foundation and focused on threats to our democracy. He touched on how recent national events have an immediate and clear impact on issues locally including, this year’s mayoral election and the new redistricting process in Ohio.

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Recorded January 6, 2021

Lessons from 2020 and how we move forward

Baiju Shah
Managing Director, Accelerate Ventures
Senior Fellow for Innovation, Cleveland Foundation
Leader, Cleveland Innovation Project

Baiju talked about the challenges of 2020 and how our region can move recover and thrive through the work of the Cleveland Innovation Project which aims to drive technology and prosperity for all residents of Cleveland. He discussed the three focus areas of the project and the strategies they are employing to drive innovation and collaboration in our community.

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Recorded December 16, 2020

College students in the CLE: What to do for Winter Break

David Gilbert (LC 2001), President & CEO, Destination Cleveland

David talked about the “soul of Cleveland” and what makes it special, as well as ideas to explore the community and get involved.

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Recorded December 9, 2020

Our planet, our responsibility

Lisa Gavales (LC 2017)

Lisa shared actionable ways every person can help offset climate change and places to look for more information.

We were unable to record this session but you can check out some of Lisa’s recommendations >.
Hosted December 6, 2020

The 2020 Holiday season COVID style

Dr. Jim Merlino (LC 2012), Chief Clinical Transformation Officer, Cleveland Clinic

Dr. Merlino shared the current COVID stats, misconceptions, the biggest issues the hospital is facing as the number rise, and how the treatment of the disease has improved over the past nine months. He also discussed the forthcoming vaccines (safety, distribution, and timing), as well as what we can all do to slow the spread until the they are widely distributed.

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Recorded November 18, 2020

2030 – The coming changes and how to prepare

Mauro F. Guillén, Zandman Professor of International Management, The Wharton School

Dr. Guillén discussed the impact of the pandemic on the social and economic landscape, including how it is accelerating trends in population ageing, inequality, technology adaptation, and emerging markets. He also shared coming changes across businesses, organizations, and individuals as employees and consumers.

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Recorded November 17, 2020

The 2020 Election: What now?

Dr. David Cohen, Interim Director of the Bliss Institute at University of Akron, Professor of Political Science

Dr. Cohen discussed the different phases of a presidential election in the U.S., the current status, and what’s next. He also discussed the current state of the elections for Congress as the balance of power in both the House and Senate are hanging on the final vote counts in several states. He also discussed the inaccuracies of the polling leading up to the election and the possibilities of the electors not following their state’s popular vote and what that could mean.

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Recorded November 11, 2020

Politics, elections, and the media

George Rodrigue (LC2 2017, LC 2016), Editor at Large, Advance Local

George talked about the role he believes local media should play in an election and shared stories from his time as a journalist covering political races. He talked about the political divide in our country and how the media is largely responsible, how money plays a role, and how to protect yourself from fake and biased news.

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Recorded November 4, 2020

Supporting employees working from home

Kelly Keefe (LC 2020, CLI 2012), President, ERC

Kelly discussed the results of a recent survey of top performers across NEO, what they want and need in this new environment. She shared tips for leaders and organizations to help meet those needs, as well as ways to help employees battle the loneliness of remote work.

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Recorded October 28, 2020

Embracing diversity across generations and race

Justin Bibb (CC 2007, LookUp 2004), Chief Strategy Officer, Urbanova & Founder, Cleveland Can’t Wait

Justin discussed a wide-range of topics all focused on what it will take for our city and our region to truly make progress and become all that it can be.

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Recorded October 21, 2020

The ongoing effects of the pandemic on the arts

Jill Paulsen (LC 2017), Executive Director, Cuyahoga Arts & Culture

Jill discussed the impact of the pandemic on the local arts and culture sector, from grass roots initiatives to the largest cultural institutions. She shared some of the downstream effects including job losses and the consequences on our regional economy, as well as how some organizations have taken the opportunity to innovate.

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Recorded October 14, 2020

Freshly Rooted: A wholistic, community-centered approach to health

Alysha Ellis (OBC 2019), Co-Founder, Freshly Rooted

Alysha shared how Freshly Rooted is addressing community healthy through education, community engagement, and strategic partnerships. She also discussed how they’ve had to pivot and adapt because of the pandemic and what’s on the horizon.

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Recorded October 7, 2020

Surviving COVID through evolution at EDWINS

Brandon Chrostowski, Founder & CEO, EDWINS Leadership & Restaurant Institute

Brandon shared the story of how the immediate pivot they made at EDWINS Leadership & Restaurant Institute when the pandemic hit allowed them to not only survive but to thrive. He shared how innovation needs to be ingrained in the culture for this to be possible, what they did and continue to do to keep workers and customers safe, and how it all comes down to remembering your core and who you are working for.  He also announced his plan to open a second restaurant in November

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Recorded September 30, 2020

Voting in 2020: Advocacy, engagement, and equity

Erika Anthony (CBB 2014, CLI 2010), Co-Founder, Cleveland VOTES

Erika talked about the options and changes for voting this November, voter registration and engagement advocacy efforts, making a voter plan, and how the pandemic is affecting the voting process.

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Recorded September 24, 2020

Verizon: A Corporate Response to Today

Jessica Cohen, State Government Affairs, Verizon Communications

Jessica shared the work Verizon has done in response to the pandemic, including their heavy involvement in education and remote learning, and their work in the racial justice arena.

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Recorded September 16, 2020

Coronavirus and Sports in Cleveland

David Gilbert (LC 2001), President & CEO, Greater Cleveland Sports Commission

David shared the focus and impact of the Greater Cleveland Sports Commission, how the pandemic has affected their work and Cleveland by extension, how they are moving forward, and their plan for the NFL Draft.

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Recorded September 9, 2020

8 Mindsets for Successful Fundraising Today

Jessica Leary Allen, nonprofit consultant

Jessica shared eight mindsets every successful fundraiser should consider while raising money in uncertain times and gave real-life examples of organizations that have shifted their thinking to create innovative revenue strategies and stronger connections with their clients, donors, and community.

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Recorded September 2, 2020

Building Community in Turbulent Times

Rabbi Allison Vann (LC 2019), Suburban Temple-Kol Ami

Rabbi Vann talked about how she and her staff are staying connected with the congregation members and the values that are binding them together, as well as some of the social just work they are doing in the areas of racial justice, voting, and the impact of the pandemic.

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Recorded August 26, 2020

Becoming an Anti-Racist: Your Journey

Erica Merritt (CBB 2008), Founder & Principal Consultant, Equius Group LLC

Erica discussed the status of racism today, what people are getting wrong and right about it, and actionable ways to be a better anti-racist and ally.

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Recorded August 25, 2020

Living with COVID & Reopening Safely

Dr. Joan Zoltanski (LC 2020), Chief Experience Officer, University Hospitals Health System

Dr. Zoltanski talked about what the doctors at University Hospitals are recommending in terms of safety protocols for schools and businesses through their University Hospitals Healthy Restart Playbooks.

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Recorded August 19, 2020

Neighbor Up: It takes a village

Tom O’Brien (LC2 2012, LC 2011), Program Director, Neighborhood Connections
Gwendolyn Garth, Artist and Activist

Tom and Gwendolyn talked about the work of Neighbor Up and how they are building and strengthening a network of committed community members to create positive community impact and highlighted some of the projects they are involved with. 

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Recorded August 18, 2020

College Now: supporting college students in the new reality

Dr. Michele Scott Taylor (LC2 2020, LC 2017), Chief Program Officer, College Now Greater Cleveland

Michele talked about how College Now shifted as the pandemic hit, what they are currently doing to help support students and families, and their plans for the future as schools reopen.  

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Recorded August 12, 2020
Please note: Connectivity was intermittent, please excuse the video quality.

The Cavs and the coronavirus

Len Komoroski (LC 2005), Chief Executive Officer, Cavaliers Holdings, LLC

Len shared how the NBA is conducting the playoffs in the time of COVID, what they anticipate for the upcoming season, and how they are readying Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse for the upcoming season and election. He also touched on some of the diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts within the Cavs organizations. 

Watch now >
Recorded August 11, 2020

Content Marketing in a Coronavirus World

Jacquie Chakirelis, Director of Digital Strategy, Quest Digital

Jacquie talked about how the pandemic has affected marketing efforts and created a content marketing explosion. She shared tools, tips, and examples of how to leverage content in our new world. 

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Recorded August 5, 2020

The future of Downtown

Joe Marinucci (LC 2003), President & CEO, Downtown Cleveland Alliance

Joe talked about the current state of downtown, the projects currently underway, and how he expects the pandemic and racial justice efforts to affect the face of downtown. 

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Recorded August 4, 2020

CMHA: The police and the community

Andrés González (LC 2013), Chief of Police, Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority

Chief González talked about the work of the Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA) Police Department, how they are building relationships with the communities and how that has changed during the pandemic.

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Recorded July 30, 2020

Jump-starting CLE’s economy

Cathy Belk (LC 2012, CLC Board), President, JumpStart Inc.

Cathy shared how JumpStart Inc. support local entrepreneurs, what has changed since the pandemic hit, and how they are focusing on ensuring equitable access to resources.

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Recorded July 29, 2020

The other pandemic

Jack Binder (LC 2019, CLI 2012), Executive Director & CEO, LifeAct
Dr. John Hertzer, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Division Chair, University Hospitals
Jennifer Reed, Clinical Program Manager for Highland Springs Changes

Jack, Dr. Hertzer, and Jennifer talked about the tragic increase in suicide rates over the past 10 years and how COVID is amplifying mental health issues in children and teens. They shared how they are working to reach those struggling with mental health issues during the pandemic and in these times of social distancing. 

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Recorded July 28, 2020

The Cleveland Orchestra in the time of COVID

André Gremillet (LC 2018), President & CEO, The Cleveland Orchestra

André spoke about how the pandemic has impacted the Cleveland Orchestra, how they are innovated to not just retain but expand their audience, how they are taking care of their musicians in these challenges times, and their outlook for the future.

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Recorded July 27, 2020

How to engage in civil civic discourse

Dan Moulthrop (LC 2014), Chief Executive Officer, The City Club of Cleveland

Dan shared strategies for engaging in civil civic discourse and how to have more productive conversations around difficult topics.

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Recorded July 23, 2020

CMSD: The pandemic’s effects past, present, and future

Eric Gordon (LC 2013), Chief Executive Officer, Cleveland Metropolitan School District

Eric shared how the Cleveland Metropolitan School District worked to ensure all children received an education during the shut down, their focus on racial justice within the schools, how they’ve worked with families and children over the summer, and what they are doing to prepare for the upcoming school year.

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Recorded July 22, 2020

COVID-19 and Cleveland’s Cultural Institutions

Kirsten Ellenbogen (LC 2014), President & CEO, Great Lakes Science Center
Greg Harris (LC 2010), President & CEO, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame & Museum

Kirsten and Greg talked about how they prepared their institutions for the shut-down, how the local cultural organizations worked together, how they innovated to continue to serve the community, and what they see for the near-term future. 

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Recorded July 21, 2020

The U.S. Coast Guard in CLE

Rear Admiral Donna Cottrell, Commander, Ninth District, U.S. Coast Guard

Rear Admiral Cottrell shared what the Coast Guard does on the Great Lakes, some of the challenges they are facing right now. 

Watch now >
Recorded July 20, 2020

The Pandemic and the Arts

Kevin Moore (LC 2009), Managing Director, Cleveland Play House

Kevin talked about how the pandemic has affected the organization and the considerations and scenarios for reopening. 

Watch now >
Recorded July 16, 2020

Covering community issues

Elizabeth McIntyre (LC 2006), Publisher & Editor, Crain’s Cleveland Business

Elizabeth talked about Crain’s Cleveland Business’ approach to covering tough, emotionally-charged topics and how they are working to better reflect the community.

Watch now >
Recorded July 15, 2020

Empowering urban youth

Jowan Smith, Accelerate 2020 Winner and 2017 Finalist
Chief Executive Officer, 1,000 Ties + Post-Secondary Education Consultant and Motivational Speaker

Jowan discussed how Getting Our Babies to College and 1,000 Ties came to life, how she’s helping empower urban youth by teaching etiquette and communication skills, mentoring, and college and career preparation. She also talked about her upcoming book and her plans for the future.  

Watch now >
Recorded July 14, 2020

Providence House: Pivoting in a Pandemic

Natalie Leek (LC 2010), President and CEO, Providence House

Natalie discussed how Providence house pivoted from an onsite program to an entirely remote services to serve over 300 families since March. She also shared their plan to re-open their west side residential site and their planned expansion on the east side, and the challenges they’ve faced with both of those endeavors.

Watch now >
Recorded July 13, 2020

NAACP: Addressing systemic racism locally

Danielle Sydnor (ALI 2018, CBB 2014), Founder, We Win Strategies Group and President, NAACP Cleveland Branch

Danielle talked about the work of the NAACP locally, particularly how they are engaged in voter registration and Census efforts, what the community needs to do to support anti-racism efforts and the challenges in this work. 

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Recorded July 9, 2020

Census 2020: critical to CLE’s future

Juan Galeano, Project Consultant: 2020 Census, The Cleveland Foundation

Juan shared a number of initiatives that have already taken place to increase the Census response, what’s still to come, and how people can pitch in and help increase the response from underrepresented populations.

Watch now >
Recorded July 8, 2020

The Cleveland Police Foundation: Affecting systemic change

Grant Dinner (LC 2019), Chief Operating Officer, Weinberg Wealth Management, LLC and Board of Directors President, The Cleveland Police Foundation
Angela Thi Bennett (ALI 2018, CLI 2017), Consultant, Director of Development and Programming, The Cleveland Police Foundation

Grant and Angela discussed how the Cleveland Police Foundation is fostering stronger relationships between the community and police officers through a number of programs, including the Public Safety Career Pipeline Program.

Watch now >
Recorded July 7, 2020

Creating a community-wide conversation on race

Eddie Harrell (LC 2015), Regional Vice President, Radio One
Kevin Griffin (LC 2019), Senior Vice President, The Adcom Group

Eddie and Kevin talked about the collaboration that created the Justice for All radio presentation got started, how they designed the program, and what the next steps are for our community and its leaders. 

Watch now >
Recorded July 6, 2020

The Consent Decree: A Monitor’s perspective

Timothy Tramble (LC 2010), President and CEO, Saint Luke’s Foundation of Cleveland

Tim provides background on the Consent Decree, the process of implementation, and the role of the monitors.

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Recorded June 30, 2020

Criminal Justice Reform

Rebecca Ruppert McMahon (LC 2018, CBB 2008), Chief Executive Officer, Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association (CMBA)
Ian N. Friedman, Esq., Founding Partner, Friedman & Nemecek, L.L.C., Immediate Past CMBA Board President

Becky and Ian shared how CMBA is advancing racial equity and inclusion within the legal space in Cleveland. 

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Recorded June 29, 2020

Evictions and the right to representation in the time of COVID

Hazel Remesch, Supervising Attorney, The Legal Aid Society of Cleveland

Hazel discussed her work in establishing the right to representation in housing court and how the pandemic is affecting housing for our community and those facing eviction.

Watch now >
Recorded June 25, 2020

Adapting in times of crisis to serve the homeless and vulnerable populations in Cleveland

Maria A. Foschia (CLI 2010), MBA, LSW, Acting CEO & Chief Operating Officer, Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry

Maria discussed Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry’s work with the homeless and vulnerable populations and how they’ve pivoted to continue serving those individuals during the pandemic. 

Watch now >
Recorded June 24, 2020

The rise of crowdfunding during COVID-19

Dawn Arrington (CBB 2020), Cleveland Action Strategist, ioby

Dawn shared how grass-roots programs and nonprofits are leveraging the ioby platform to bring under-funded initiatives and projects to life during the pandemic as traditional sources of funding are no longer available.

Watch now >
Recorded June 23, 2020

DACA: A regional perspective

Joe Cimperman (LC 2003), President, Global Cleveland

Joe shared why the Supreme Court’s DACA decision is important for our region, the roll international newcomers play in our community, and what Global Cleveland is doing to support them during the pandemic. 

Watch now >
Recorded June 22, 2020

Racism as a public health crisis

Blaine Griffin (LC2 2015, LC 2014), Councilman, Ward 6, City of Cleveland
Kerry McCormack (LC 2018, LookUp 2005), Councilman, Ward 3, City of Cleveland

Councilmen Griffin and McCormack shared how the City’s declaration of racism as a public health crisis came about, what the next steps are, and how people can get involved in anti-racist work. 

Watch now >
Recorded June 18, 2020

Addressing food insecurities during crisis through the Greater Cleveland Food Bank

Kristin Warzocha (LC 2010, CBB 2002, CLC Board), President and CEO, Greater Cleveland Food Bank

Kristin shared the challenges and adaptations the Food Bank had to make as the pandemic exponentially expanded the community’s need for food. She shared how creativity and flexibility were key in being able to respond quickly to the need, how those changes will impact their operations going forward, and what they are planning for the future. 

Watch now >
Recorded June 16, 2020

Senior living in the midst of COVID-19

Kendra Urdzik (LC 2020), President & CEO, Judson Services, Inc.
Cindy Struk, Vice President, Health Services, CCHO, Judson Services, Inc.
Julie Anderson (LC 2013, CLI 2010), Vice President, Judson Manor

The Judson team talked about their efforts to safeguard the health and safety of their elderly residents and team members during the pandemic.

Watch now >
Recorded June 15, 2020

Addressing disparities in leadership

Phyllis “Seven” Harris (LC2 2020, LC 2019), Executive Director, LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland

Phyllis talked about the lack of inclusion of Black folks in leadership and how leadership on boards and in upper level management roles can promote inclusion and address disparities.

Watch now >
Recorded June 11, 2020

The digital divide in Cleveland

Dorothy Baunach (LC 1992), Chief Executive Officer, DigitalC
Kurt Karukul (LC2 2020, LC 2019, LC2 2017, LC2 2015, LC2 2013, LC 2012), President & Executive Director, Third Federal Foundation

Dorothy spoke about how DigitalC is working to close the digital divide and Kurt shared how and why Third Federal Foundation is funding those initiatives.

Watch now >
Recorded June 10, 2020
Note: This workshop was recorded by Digital C and lives on the empowerCLE YouTube channel. The workshop begins at 2:38. 

Understanding infant mortality in Cleveland and the work of First Year Cleveland

Bernadette Kerrigan (LC 2008), Executive Director, First Year Cleveland

Bernie shared how First Year Cleveland is reducing infant mortality in Cleveland by focusing on the systemic racism inherent in the medical system and candidly shared how she discovered and is working through her own biases.

Watch now >
Recorded June 9, 2020

Health Happens in Communities: The MetroHealth System’s Institute for H.O.P.E.TM

Susan Fuehrer (ALI 2020, LC 2008), President, Institute for H.O.P.E.TM
James Misak MD (LC 2020), Medical Director, Institute for H.O.P.E.TM

Sue and Dr. Misak discussed the work of the Institute of H.O.P.E.TM, social determinants of health, and how they are those disparities in Cleveland. 

Watch now >
Recorded June 8, 2020

Preparing for the return of students: schools & day care facilities

Tom Gill (CEF 2010, CLI 2009), President, Urban Community School
Michelle Curry (LC2 2020, LC2 2015, LC 2014), Executive Director, Merrick House Neighborhood Center

Michelle and Tom shared how their respective organizations responded to the COVID-19 shut-downs, how they continue to serve their children and families, and what they are doing to prepare for the future. 

Watch now >
Recorded June 3, 2020

Covering Challenging Times

Micki Byrnes (LC 2005, CLC Board), President & General Manager, WKYC Channel 3
Adam Miller (LC 2020), Director of Content, WKYC Channel 3
Russ Mitchell (LC 2014), Anchor & Managing Editor, WKYC Channel 3

Micki, Adam, and Russ talked about the challenges and innovation that resulted from COVID-19 for their news team. They also discussed their approach to covering news during tense and challenging times such as the pandemic and the recent protests and riots. 

Watch now >
Recorded June 2, 2020

Leading from Your Creative Side to Manage Uncertainty and Complexity

Adele DiMarco, Executive Leadership & Team Coach, Culture Consultant, Media Host, Author, Speaker, Founder of Yinovate

Adele shared the importance of creativity in today’s business world and ways to tap into and lead from that side. 

Watch now >
Recorded June 1, 2020

What’s Happening at the State level

Phillip Robinson (LC 2013, CEF 2010, CLI 2009)

Phil shared a behind-the-scenes perspective on the challenges the Ohio government has faced due to COVID-19 and what those things mean for its constituents. 

Watch now >
Recorded May 28, 2020

Moving Around the City: trends, realities, and new possibilities in transit

Jacob VanSickle, Executive Director, Bike Cleveland

Jacob talked about Bike Cleveland’s mission, the changes we’ve seen across various modes of transportation during the pandemic, and possibilities for the future of multi-modal transportation in our region. 

Watch now >
Recorded May 27, 2020

NASA returns to the moon!

Dr. Joel Kearns, Director of Facilities, Test and Manufacturing, NASA Glenn Research Center

NASA has plans to return the next man and first woman to the moon by 2024 and NASA in Cleveland is playing a critical part in this mission. Dr. Kearns talks about the mission and shares key leadership tips for leading out of this world projects!

Watch now >
Recorded May 21, 2020

What’s new and what’s next for the Cleveland Metroparks

Brian Zimmerman (LC2 2014, LC2 2012, LC 2011), CEO, Cleveland Metroparks

Brian shared what’s happening with the Metroparks, what to expect as we look ahead, and his approach to leadership during this time.

Watch now >
Recorded May 20, 2020

What’s Happening in Higher Education

Carmen Twillie Ambar, President, Oberlin College

President Ambar shares how Oberlin responded to the pandemic in the early stages, how they’ve adapted for remote learning, what is happening on the national landscape, and what the future might hold for Oberlin and other higher education institutions across the country. 

Watch now >
Recorded May 19, 2020

Ever Evolving CARES Act

Ed Bell (LC 2011), President, Gries Financial Partners
Lauren Rich Fine (LC 2007), Partner, Gries Financial Partners

Ed discusses the intentions and details of the CARES Act and Lauren shares a brief overview of the market over the past two months.  

Watch now >
Recorded May 18, 2020

Empathy in Leadership

Adrianne Fletcher, PhD, Assistant Professor and Assistant Dean of Diversity and Inclusion, Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences at Case Western Reserve University

Dr. Fletcher discusses how leaders need to tend to their own well-being first and shared practical ways to extend empathy toward employees during this time of collective crisis.  

Watch now >
Recorded May 14, 2020

Leadership in health care during COVID-19

Dr. Margaret McKenzie (LC 2019, CLC Board), President, Cleveland Clinic South Pointe Hospital & Associate Professor of Surgery, Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine

Dr. McKenzie shared how the Cleveland Clinic prepared for and is handling the pandemic both from an internal leadership perspective, as well as the ways they are leading the charge in caring for patients. 

Watch now >
Recorded May 13, 2020
Note: We apologize for the audio and video quality as we experienced connection issues throughout the session. 

Returning to the Office for Leaders: Helping Employees Manage their sense of Loss and Grief

This session was presented in partnership with ERC.

Dr. Lisa Damour, nationally known psychologist and best-selling author
Jill Koski (LC 2020), President and CEO at Holden Forests & Gardens
Kelly Keefe (LC 2020, CLI 2012), President, ERC

Dr. Damour, Jill, and Kelly talked about how to help employees to grieve the old normal, how to help employees navigate their new normal, and how to deal with real-life problems and concerns. 

Watch now >
Recorded May 12, 2020

COVID-19 in Cleveland – the challenges, triumphs, and grit

Blaine Griffin (LC2 2015, LC 2014), Councilman , Ward 6, City of Cleveland

Councilman Griffin shares how the pandemic is affecting Cleveland, how the city is responding, and areas of specific focus.

Watch now >
Recorded May 11, 2020
Note: We apologize for the audio and video quality as we experienced connection issues throughout the session. 

Self-care and mental wellness to help you thrive: A therapist perspective

Jennifer Borovica, Owner, RebelRising Wellness

Jen shares the ways COVID-19 has increased stress, how this stress impacts the body and nervous system, and how to create a self care plan with strategies.

Watch now >
Recorded May 7, 2020

Planning what consumer behaviors will be changed both short and long term

Jason Therrien (LC 2017, CLC Board), President, thunder::tech

Jason discusses how consumers are changing their behaviors in response to the pandemic and what the short- and long-term impacts might be. 

Watch now >
Recorded May 6, 2020

Leading beyond the Curve – Leadership strategies for increasing team productivity in the Post-COVID-19 environment

June Ryan (LC2 2018, LC 2017), Rear Admiral (Retired), U.S. Coast Guard & June Ryan Global Solutions

June shares tips for leaders during volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous times (VUCA environments) like the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Watch now >
Recorded May 5, 2020

Customer Outreach Strategies During COVID-19

Dave Loomis (LC 2017), Founder and President, Loomis Marketing

Dave discusses best practices for customer communications during COVID-19, including how to properly balance empathy with marketing and sales.

Watch now >
Recorded May 4, 2020

Board Matters: Getting the Governance Right Has Never Been More Important

Brian Broadbent (LC 2007), CEO, Business Volunteers Unlimited
Elizabeth Voudouris, President, Business Volunteers Unlimited

Brian and Biz discuss how boards can support their non-profits during the pandemic and beyond.

Watch now >
Recorded April 30, 2020

How isolation is affecting victims of physical/sexual violence

Sondra Miller (LC2 2017, LC 2016, CLI 2011, CBB 2008), President & CEO, Cleveland Rape Crisis Center
Melissa Graves, Chief Executive Officer, Domestic Violence and Child Advocacy Center

Sondra and Melissa discuss how social distancing and stay at home orders is affecting their constituents and how are they leading in this space.

Watch now >
Recorded April 29, 2020

The impact of the pandemic on the arts and the future of arts performances

Patrick Shepherd (LC 2020, CBB 2003), Associate Director, Cleveland International Film Festival
Holley Fowler Martens and Chann Fowler-Spellman, members of The Matriots and Trustees of The Char and Chuck Fowler Family Foundation

Patrick, Chann, and Holley discuss the CIFF44 film, Represent, their work with The Matriots, as well as the state and future of arts organizations.

Watch now >
Recorded April 28, 2020

Women in politics – the challenges and triumphs of three candidates

This session was presented in partnership with The City Club of Cleveland

Patrick Shepherd (LC 2020, CBB 2003), Associate Director, Cleveland International Film Festival
Hillary Bachelder, REPRESENT film director/ shooter/ editor

Hillary joins Patrick for a discussion of her film (CLC’s 2020 CIFF Partner Film), REPRESENT, which premiered at the Cleveland International Film Festival. 

Watch now >
Recorded April 27, 2020

Shine Online: The Digital Presenter

Dr. Scott Allen, Boler College of Business, John Carroll University

Online presentations are the new normal and it’s important to shine in this new medium. This workshop includes tips, tricks, and hacks for any online presentation.

Watch now >
Recorded April 23, 2020

Leading the CMHA community-what are the challenges, needs and opportunities?

Jeff Patterson (LC 2010), CEO & Safety Director, Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA)

Jeff shares the challenges the COVID-19 situation presents for CMHA, the processes they’ve put in place, services they’ve added, and how they need to adapt going forward.

Watch now >
Recorded April 22, 2020

The Greater Cleveland COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund

Heather Torok (LC 2020), Vice President for Programs and Strategy, The Saint Luke’s Foundation
Daniel Cohn, Vice President, Strategy, Mt. Sinai Health Care Foundation

Heather and Daniel discuss the leadership collaboration that created the Greater Cleveland COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund and the process of granting the funds.

Watch now >
Recorded April 15, 2020

Pivoting quickly: A new leadership role in a new world

Michele Seyranian (LC2 2017, LC 2016), CEO, The Gathering Place

Michele discusses what it was like to start in her new role just weeks before the COVID-19 pandemic, how the Gathering Place has pivoted to continue offering services to their constituents, and what’s on the horizon for the organization. 

Watch now >
Recorded April 8, 2020

Leading a restaurant and small business in the current environment

Doug Katz (LC 2019), fire | fire catering | chutney b. | Zhug | Provenance at CMA

Doug chats about the process he took when the restaurants were ordered closed, how he has adapted, and what he foresees for the restaurant industry moving forward.

Watch now >
Recorded April 1, 2020

The importance of empathy when leading in challenging times

Mark Ross (LC 2016), Lake Erie Market Managing Partner, PwC

Mark shares his thoughts on the current and future implications of working from home, leading employees during this time, and bridging the generational divide by sharing expertise and skills with each other.

Watch now >
Recorded March 25, 2020