Why Legacy Leaders?

Legacy Leaders engages experienced leaders in relevant civic issues and projects to drive long-term change that improves and grows Cleveland and Northeast Ohio.

Legacy Leaders will identify community needs and propose projects that are relevant, important, and benefit the community. These activities will be designed in conjunction with those who will immediately benefit from the initiative.

Collaboration will be a running thread throughout the Legacy Leaders program. In addition to leveraging their own personal leadership skills, talents, and experience, Legacy leaders will identify and work alongside key individuals, groups, and organizations to maximize community impact.

Age-Friendly Guide to Outdoor Recreational Trails
A guide to age-friendly trails in Northeast and Southwest Ohio which includes the services and amenities available, maps, accessibility information, and directions.

Created in partnership with The Dayton Foundation’s Del Mar Encore Fellows and Encore Cleveland.

Legacy Leader’s “Your Encore” podcast
Legacy Leaders share their Second Act Stories about moving from work to retirement and life after retirement, as well as those who have made major career changes to pursue a second act, including advice for others considering a Second Act.

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Legacy Leaders is a partner of Encore Cleveland.