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  • Why I'm a CLC Member

    “Leadership Cleveland introduced me to amazing people and places around the city. It also raised my awareness of the problems and opportunities of our region, inspiring me to engage more deeply in solutions. Just because the ‘best class ever’ graduated almost 20 years ago doesn’t mean that the networking and engagement have ended for me.”

    Sue Tyler (LL, LC2 2019, LC 2004)

    “Being a member of CBB … changed my outlook, enhanced my work style, introduced me to new friends, and impacted me as a person overall. Continuing my CLC Membership was a true no-brainer for the value that I received and have continued to receive even as an alum.”

    Kayla Webb (CBB 2021)
    Market Director of Advancement, Northern Ohio, Make-A-Wish Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana

    “I enjoyed meeting the many leaders across sectors that demonstrate proficiency, dedication, and passion for their work and the larger community.”

    Patricia Terstenyak (CLI 2021, CEBC 2013)
    Director of Community Health, Center for Health Affairs

    “I grew a lot as a leader during my Bridge Builders experience. It connected me to members of the community outside of my field. CLC’s work is extremely important and I hope my support helps others to participate.”

    Mariannella Napolitano (CBB 2015)
    Regional Director, United HealthGroup

    “I wanted to make sure I stayed connected to alumni and kept abreast of everything going on at CLC. My experience was so valuable that it was important to make sure my Membership was always current.”

    Ludgy LaRochelle (CBB 2017)
    Operations Administrator, FedEx


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