Can you benefit from a LAP?

LAPs receive focused attention from a cross-sector team of civic leaders enrolled in Cleveland Bridge Builders. Eight or nine projects are chosen each year through a selective application process.

LAPs are learning labs for Cleveland Bridge Builders, a group of mid-career professionals who spend a year immersed in civic leadership training. Through these projects, they immediately begin applying newly-learned skills and approaches to civic leadership while contributing to the community and incorporating service learning into their program experience. For the selected nonprofits, the experience is a unique way to advance the organization’s mission and foster emerging civic leaders.

Any nonprofit or community organization in Greater Cleveland can submit an application.

2020 LAP organizations

  • After-School All-Stars
  • American Cancer Society – Hope Lodge
  • Carter Nedley Foundation
  • Fab Foundation
  • Footpath Foundation
  • Julia de Burgos Cultural Arts Center
  • Refresh Collective
  • The Welsh Academy at Saint Ignatius High School
  • Program details

    CBB participants are divided into LAP teams of approximately eight members based on sector diversity and TetraMap© models of behavior taken during the program experience.

    Each nonprofit selects a representative, known as a LAP Champion, to work with LAP teams throughout the process. The Champion should have the time, energy and skills (project management, subject knowledge, experience with teams/volunteers) to be an effective team adviser and liaison to the nonprofit.

    LAP teams meet with their Champion for one hour during each of five CBB session days between November and May. Teams will also meet between session days; how often a team meets is determined by the team with input from the Champion.

    Selected projects are founded on an organizational issue or challenge that the LAP team can own and develop over the course of the program.

    Class of 2020 LAP Timeline

    • May 1, 2019 Applications open
    • June 3, 2019 (noon): Applications close
    • July: Selection process
    • November – January: Building the relationship between team and champion, sharing organizational knowledge, defining the project
    • February – March: Project definition, focus, first action steps
    • March – May: Work comes together, major group activity, final outcome in planning stage
    • June: Wrap up, final deliverable and presentations