Photo of Marianne Crosley

Marianne Crosley

President & CEO
Photo of Michael E. Bennett

Michael E. Bennett

Vice President of External Affairs
Photo of Becky Borden

Becky Borden

Director of Operations
Photo of Nicole Canitano

Nicole Canitano

Director of College & Young Professional Programs
Photo of Rachel Ciomcia

Rachel Ciomcia

Executive Vice President
Photo of Patrick Emery

Patrick Emery

Program Associate
Photo of Maeve C. Frey

Maeve C. Frey

Director of Signature Events & Internal Projects
Photo of Michelle Kane

Michelle Kane

Director of Marketing & Communications
Photo of Dr. Claudia Owens

Dr. Claudia Owens

Senior Fellow
Photo of Jolyn B. Parker

Jolyn B. Parker

Director of Leadership Cleveland
Photo of Maria Sharp

Maria Sharp

Program & Development Associate
Photo of Andrew Singer

Andrew Singer

Director of Civic Leadership Institute & Senior Program Coordinator
Photo of Kim Woodman

Kim Woodman

Executive Assistant & Accounting Specialist
Photo of We’re hiring!

We’re hiring!

Director of Cleveland Bridge Builders
Photo of We’re hiring!

We’re hiring!

Director of High School Programs