Our evaluation work

Cleveland Leadership Center program curricula are designed to achieve the four clearly defined guiding framework outcomes, which are collectively aimed at achieving the organization’s mission.


CLC started this work in 2012 as a means to understand the organization’s impact on individuals and in the community, and to inform areas for growth and improvement. In the first phase of the work, a program evaluation rubric was designed and instituted across all programs. In the second phase, the organization’s impact on the community was explored.

How it works

CLC uses a retrospective pre-test (RPT) built around these four pillars to evaluate the impact of its programs. Participants rate their knowledge, attitude, and skills at the end of their program compared to before the program across a series of learning indicators. The charts within each accordion below indicate the percentage of participants who agreed or strongly agreed with specific outcome-related indicators before the program (pastel bars) and after the program (dark color bars). Last year, all programs showed increases across all indicators.

  • Civic understanding
    I know about Cleveland’s civic assets, issues, and stakeholders.

    “I’m learning things about Cleveland I didn’t know or didn’t think even happened here, very impressed with all efforts on moving Cleveland forward”
    OnBoard Cleveland 2020 participant

  • Relationship building
    I have access to opportunities to form relationships with people from a variety of backgrounds.

    “I learned how collaboration and inclusivity of all ideas can help us reach common ground.”
    Look Up To Cleveland 2020 participant

  • Collaborative leadership
    I find the best way to contribute my strengths as a community leader.

    “We have to work harder to come together despite differences or we’ll simply not make the progress we all feel strong about making.”
    Leadership Cleveland 2020 participant

  • Civic readiness
    I know how to find community engagement opportunities that are relevant to my interests and abilities.

    “I feel more confident about moving into the civic realm – less pressure to know it all, more emphasis on caring and acting while building strategic partnerships.”
    Cleveland Bridge Builders 2020 participant

Our impact

In addition to the immediate effects CLC programs have on participants, CLC has also investigated the long-term learning and behaviors resulting from participation in CLC programs. This was done by examining current alumni involvement and behaviors in their professional organizations and in their community involvement to determine if they intersect with the four guiding framework outcomes. This exploration also defined the lasting impact CLC programming has on participants, organizations and the community and provided insight into long-term behavioral effects of alumni in the community.

Below is a brief (1:20 minute) video highlighting some of the findings. You can also read the full report.