LAP overview & apply

Requests for Projects for the Class of 2017 will be available on Monday, May 2, 2016 and will be due at noon on Friday, June 24, 2016. 

Leadership Action Projects (LAPs) are community-based initiatives that serve as learning labs for Cleveland Bridge Builders, and a unique way for a nonprofit to advance its mission.

Teams: CBB participants are divided into LAP teams of approximately eight members based on sector diversity and TetraMap© models of behavior taken during the program experience. CBB avoids assigning people to projects in line with their professional or volunteer activities.

Champions: Each nonprofit selects a representative, known as a LAP Champion, to work with LAP teams throughout the process. The champion should have the time, energy and skills (project management, subject knowledge, experience with teams/volunteers) to be an effective team advisor and liaison to the nonprofit.

LAP teams meet with their Champion for one hour during each of five CBB session days between November and May. Teams will also meet between session days; how often a team meets is determined by the team with input from the Champion.

For CBB participants: LAPs are very process-focused, hands-on and experiential. The teams do actual work – not just consult or discuss. The LAP allows them to apply collaborative leadership skills and team-building as part of their leadership training program. That includes learning how to work with leaders when there is no defined leader, how to work within the civic realm, and how to take initiative.

For nonprofits: LAP champions should ensure their organizations have active input in the LAP through meetings and conferences to keep the project within the scope of your organization (i.e. if you propose a marketing campaign, your marketing staff or committee should be involved). Nonprofits should also be receptive to CLC staff guidance to ensure a positive experience.

Projects should have a targeted outcome for the nonprofit. But an important part of the program is the learning that occurs during the process to reach that outcome. Therefore, nonprofits should be open to the idea that the process may take the outcome in a different direction than originally proposed.

•    June 24, 2016 at noon– Proposals due to Cleveland Bridge Builders
•    July 2016 – Selection process
•    August 23, 2016 – Orientation for selected LAP Champions
•    November 2016 – January 2017: Building relationship between team and champion, sharing organizational knowledge, beginning to define project
•    February – March 2017: Project definition, focus, first action steps
•    March – May 2017: Work comes together, major activity, final outcome in planning stage.
•    June 2017: Wrap up, final deliverable, presentations to CBB. Summaries of LAPs will be shared with CBB participants at the presentations and posted online for the community.

Please note: If your project does not fit this time frame, then it may not be a good fit as a LAP project.


A technical assistance meeting will be held to answer questions about the program and application process in May. Contact Rachel Ciomcia, Director of Cleveland Bridge Builders (216-592-2280) for more information. 

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