Why Dare2Care?

Bullying is a rapidly increasing issue in our community. Students who experience bullying have increased rates of substance abuse, thoughts of suicide, depression, anxiety, and lower educational outcomes.

Dare2Care partners with schools to increase students’ awareness, knowledge, and skills to create a more inclusive social climate. Through the workshop, students:

  • Develop collaborative leadership skills to help build an inclusive school community.
  • Increase their knowledge of multicultural identities.
  • Explore stereotypes and how these intersect with┬ámulticulturalism and leadership.
  • Create action steps to put this knowledge into practice within their school.

The program examines these concepts, individually, interpersonally, at the community level, and across society as a whole.

If you are interested in participating in future Dare2Care events, please contact Evie DuVernay (216-592-2296).

Dare2Care is offered at no cost thanks to Cleveland-Cliffs Inc.