Accelerate 2022 update: Bee Brave

Bee Brave

Amalia Haas

2022 Health & Well-Being Finalist

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Bee Brave aims to help youth understand and deal with anxiety by engaging them in what is an anxiety provoking activity for most – beekeeping. The program teaches participants to remain centered in the presence of anxiety as they move through the complex steps of hive assessment. Participants learn to be increasingly focused and capable while examining a hive and come to understand that they can ‘bee brave’ and apply these skills to other complex challenges in their lives.

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March 2, 2022

Amalia started a Bee Brave ioby fundraiser which is eligible for matching funds up to $3,000 from Cuyahoga Arts & Culture. She is currently getting ready to reach out to local colleges to find a student who might want to intern and exploring the possibility of engaging Repair the World fellows. She is currently searching for help with bookkeeping, marketing, and administrative tasks.

Amalia was also recently featured by the Cleveland Jewish News.