Blanket Blessings

Blanket Blessings

Logan Dior Williams & Denyelle E Rashid

2020 Finalist
Quality of Life

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Blanket Blessings will provide the less fortunate with the necessary care packages they need as the seasons change. It will also be a way to inspire children to make a change in their own communities.

May 19, 2020 

On Giving Tuesday, May 5, they teamed up with Pam Turos and Wish Cleveland (2016 Accelerate Finalist). Logan and Pam’s daughter, Lauren, led the “Together at Home” campaign to engage other children in helping to make their community a better place through small online challenges.

Logan was also recently accepted as a National Ambassador for Giving Tuesday Now Kids.

Additionally, they’re still making blessing bags and doing random acts of kindness daily. They have plans to deliver some items to local kennels and they have also purchased a sewing machine and fabric to make mask for homeless people living on the streets and in shelters.