Cleveland as a Comedy Hub

Cleveland as a Comedy Hub

Ramon Rivas

2016 Finalist
Transformative Arts & Culture category

Ramon Rivas, II has visions of Cleveland as a national comedy hub. He pitched his idea to bring nationally-known talent to Cleveland for his annual Accidental Comedy Fest. The festival that enriches Cleveland’s performing arts scene and raises Cleveland’s profile in the national conversation while providing a platform for local talent to work with emerging and established artists from around the country.

With the help of the prize money he won as a runner-up, he was able to attract artists from all over the country for the 5th annual Accidental Comedy Fest on August 26-28, 2016, many of whom came to Cleveland for the first time. The event’s profile grew so much, the festival was moved from a local bowling alley venue (Mahall’s) to Hilarities downtown in 2017. Ramon continues to change the face of comedy in Cleveland through the Accidental Comedy Club.

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