Leading from Your Creative Side to Manage Uncertainty and Complexity

Recorded June 1. 2020

Adele DiMarco, Executive Leadership & Team Coach, Culture Consultant, Media Host, Author, Speaker, Founder of Yinovate
Adele shared the importance of creativity in today’s business world and ways to tap into and lead from that side. 

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What’s Happening at the State level

Recorded May 28, 2020

Phillip Robinson (LC 2013, CEF 2010, CLI 2009)
Phil shared a behind-the-scenes perspective on the challenges the Ohio government has faced due to COVID-19 and what those things mean for its constituents. 

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Moving Around the City: trends, realities, and new possibilities in transit

Recorded May 27, 2020

Jacob VanSickle, Executive Director, Bike Cleveland
Jacob talked about Bike Cleveland’s mission, the changes we’ve seen across various modes of transportation during the pandemic, and possibilities for the future of multi-modal transportation in our region. 

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NASA returns to the moon!

Recorded May 21, 2020

Dr. Joel Kearns, Director of Facilities, Test and Manufacturing, NASA Glenn Research Center
NASA has plans to return the next man and first woman to the moon by 2024 and NASA in Cleveland is playing a critical part in this mission. Dr. Kearns talks about the mission and shares key leadership tips for leading out of this world projects!

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What’s new and what’s next for the Cleveland Metroparks

Recorded May 20, 2020

Brian Zimmerman (LC2 2014, LC2 2012, LC 2011), CEO, Cleveland Metroparks
Brian shared what’s happening with the Metroparks, what to expect as we look ahead, and his approach to leadership during this time.

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What’s Happening in Higher Education

Recorded May 19, 2020

Carmen Twillie Ambar, President, Oberlin College
President Ambar shares how Oberlin responded to the pandemic in the early stages, how they’ve adapted for remote learning, what is happening on the national landscape, and what the future might hold for Oberlin and other higher education institutions across the country. 

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Ever Evolving CARES Act

Recorded May 18, 2020

Ed Bell (LC 2011), President, Gries Financial Partners
Lauren Rich Fine (LC 2007), Partner, Gries Financial Partners
Ed discusses the intentions and details of the CARES Act and Lauren shares a brief overview of the market over the past two months.  

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Empathy in Leadership

Recorded May 14, 2020

Adrianne Fletcher, PhD, Assistant Professor and Assistant Dean of Diversity and Inclusion, Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences at Case Western Reserve University
Dr. Fletcher discusses how leaders need to tend to their own well-being first and shared practical ways to extend empathy toward employees during this time of collective crisis.  

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Leadership in health care during COVID-19

Recorded May 13, 2020

Dr. Margaret McKenzie (LC 2019, CLC Board), President, Cleveland Clinic South Pointe Hospital & Associate Professor of Surgery, Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine
Dr. McKenzie shared how the Cleveland Clinic prepared for and is handling the pandemic both from an internal leadership perspective, as well as the ways they are leading the charge in caring for patients. 

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Note: We apologize for the audio and video quality as we experienced connection issues throughout the session. 

Returning to the Office for Leaders: Helping Employees Manage their sense of Loss and Grief

Recorded May 12, 2020 | This session was presented in partnership with ERC.

Dr. Lisa Damour, nationally known psychologist and best-selling author
Jill Koski (LC 2020), President and CEO at Holden Forests & Gardens
Kelly Keefe (LC 2020, CLI 2012), President, ERC
They talked about how to help employees to grieve the old normal, how to help employees navigate their new normal, and how to deal with real-life problems and concerns. 

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COVID-19 in Cleveland – the challenges, triumphs, and grit

Recorded May 11, 2020

Blaine Griffin (LC2 2015, LC 2014), Councilman , Ward 6, City of Cleveland
Councilman Griffin shares how the pandemic is affecting Cleveland, how the city is responding, and areas of specific focus.

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Note: We apologize for the audio and video quality as we experienced connection issues throughout the session. 

Self-care and mental wellness to help you thrive: A therapist perspective

Recorded May 7, 2020

Jennifer Borovica, Owner, RebelRising Wellness
Jen shares the ways COVID-19 has increased stress, how this stress impacts the body and nervous system, and how to create a self care plan with strategies.

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Planning what consumer behaviors will be changed both short and long term

Recorded May 6, 2020

Jason Therrien (LC 2017, CLC Board), President, thunder::tech
Jason discusses how consumers are changing their behaviors in response to the pandemic and what the short- and long-term impacts might be. 

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Leading beyond the Curve – Leadership strategies for increasing team productivity in the Post-COVID-19 environment

Recorded May 5, 2020

June Ryan (LC2 2018, LC 2017), Rear Admiral (Retired), U.S. Coast Guard & June Ryan Global Solutions
June shares tips for leaders during volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous times (VUCA environments) like the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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Customer Outreach Strategies During COVID-19

Recorded May 4, 2020

Dave Loomis (LC 2017), Founder and President, Loomis Marketing
Dave discusses best practices for customer communications during COVID-19, including how to properly balance empathy with marketing and sales.

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Board Matters: Getting the Governance Right Has Never Been More Important

Recorded April 30, 2020

Brian Broadbent (LC 2007), CEO, Business Volunteers Unlimited
Elizabeth Voudouris, President, Business Volunteers Unlimited
Brian and Biz discuss how boards can support their non-profits during the pandemic and beyond.

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How isolation is affecting victims of physical/sexual violence

Recorded April 29, 2020

Sondra Miller (LC2 2017, LC 2016, CLI 2011, CBB 2008), President & CEO, Cleveland Rape Crisis Center
Melissa Graves, Chief Executive Officer, Domestic Violence and Child Advocacy Center
Sondra and Melissa discuss how social distancing and stay at home orders is affecting their constituents and how are they leading in this space.

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The impact of the pandemic on the arts and the future of arts performances

Recorded April 28, 2020

Patrick Shepherd (LC 2020, CBB 2003), Associate Director, Cleveland International Film Festival
Holley Fowler Martens and Chann Fowler-Spellman, members of The Matriots and Trustees of The Char and Chuck Fowler Family Foundation
Patrick, Chann, and Holley discuss the CIFF44 film, Represent, their work with The Matriots, as well as the state and future of arts organizations.

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Women in politics – the challenges and triumphs of three candidates

Recorded April 27, 2020 | This session was presented in partnership with The City Club of Cleveland

Patrick Shepherd (LC 2020, CBB 2003), Associate Director, Cleveland International Film Festival
Hillary Bachelder, REPRESENT film director/ shooter/ editor
Hillary joins Patrick for a discussion of her film (CLC’s 2020 CIFF Partner Film), REPRESENT, which premiered at the Cleveland International Film Festival. 

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Shine Online: The Digital Presenter

Recorded April 23, 2020

Dr. Scott Allen, Boler College of Business, John Carroll University
Online presentations are the new normal and it’s important to shine in this new medium. This workshop includes tips, tricks, and hacks for any online presentation.

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Leading the CMHA community-what are the challenges, needs and opportunities?

Recorded April 22, 2020

Jeff Patterson (LC 2010), CEO & Safety Director, Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA)
Jeff shares the challenges the COVID-19 situation presents for CMHA, the processes they’ve put in place, services they’ve added, and how they need to adapt going forward.

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The Greater Cleveland COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund

Recorded April 15, 2020

Heather Torok (LC 2020), Vice President for Programs and Strategy, The Saint Luke’s Foundation
Daniel Cohn, Vice President, Strategy, Mt. Sinai Health Care Foundation
Heather and Daniel discuss the leadership collaboration that created the Greater Cleveland COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund and the process of granting the funds.

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Pivoting quickly: A new leadership role in a new world

Recorded April 8, 2020

Michele Seyranian (LC2 2017, LC 2016), CEO, The Gathering Place
Michele discusses what it was like to start in her new role just weeks before the COVID-19 pandemic, how the Gathering Place has pivoted to continue offering services to their constituents, and what’s on the horizon for the organization. 

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Leading a restaurant and small business in the current environment

Recorded April 1, 2020

Doug Katz (LC 2019), fire | fire catering | chutney b. | Zhug | Provenance at CMA
Doug chats about the process he took when the restaurants were ordered closed, how he has adapted, and what he foresees for the restaurant industry moving forward.

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The importance of empathy when leading in challenging times

Recorded March 25, 2020

Mark Ross (LC 2016), Lake Erie Market Managing Partner, PwC
Mark shares his thoughts on the current and future implications of working from home, leading employees during this time, and bridging the generational divide by sharing expertise and skills with each other.

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