FY 2022 Tribute Donors

The following list represents operating gifts received July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022.

In honor of Betsy Stueber
Terry Stoller

In honor of Cleveland Bridge Builders classes
Erica Cameron
Catherine Goskey
Sherita Mullins
Sunny Nixon
Matt Yanosko
Julie Johnson
Katherine Miracle

In memory of Peg Crosley
Ryan Clements

In honor of Jody Bonhard
Edward Stockhausen

In honor of Megan Kacvinsky
Carrie Rosenfelt

In honor of Michelle Kane and Marianne Crosley
Tim Marshall

In honor of Rich Wallack
Jennifer Collister

In honor of Rose Fini
Melanie Shakarian

In honor of Sue Corsaro
Terry Stoller