G. Keymah Durden III bio

G. Keymah Durden III

Co-Founder, Rid-All Green Partnership

G. Keymah Durden III has long demonstrated his passion for sustainable living, storm water management, agriculture and environmental protection. From the Kinsman neighborhood in Cleveland to Ghana in West Africa to Israel, Keymah has worked to create better communities through clean water, food production, and environmental conservation.

As a founder of Rid-All Green Partnership in Cleveland, Keymah is deeply engaged in the revitalization of our urban areas. His specialties at Rid-All include public relations, urban agriculture, and deconstruction activities.

He is trained as an avionic-mechanical engineer. He is also a former co-owner of the internationally renowned Soul Vegetarian Restaurant and has been a practicing vegan for over 20 years. Keymah lives on the east side of Cleveland with his wife and children.