Paving the way for CMSD students

Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD) students are provided with a host of career exposure and learning opportunities throughout the school year to help them understand the full spectrum of career and educational options available to them and to ready them for those careers.

Career panels

Individuals from a variety of career backgrounds meet with the students to discuss their careers. Students are provided with a list of “20 Questions” to try to guess their guests’ field of work. Volunteers share their personal educational and career journey, as well as give students some insight around other possibilities in their field.

A host of dates and times are available throughout the school year. Contact Evie DuVernay (216-592-2296) with questions.

Internship Preparedness Program

This program aims to prepare high school students to enter the professional workplace by focusing on critical job skills such as problem solving, prioritization of time, social media usage, etc. Volunteers, particularly managers and/or H.R. professionals are needed.

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