Getting our Babies to College 101

Jowan Smith wants to help parents, particularly those of low-income students, through the stress of getting their children to college by beginning to explore timelines, budgeting and other information in the eighth grade. Her pitch at Accelerate 2017 earned her $2,000 to help launch her project.

Since the event, Jowan has launced a website that helps families understand the importance of starting the college process in Eighth grade and to show parents how to navigate their way to as much free money for college as possible. She also was invited by Validity Sports and Enrichment, a local nonprofit that works with youth through sports and mentorship, to speak to parents of student athletes about helping increase their students chance of being scouted in early March 2017. She gave two workshops at Patrick Henry school in April 2017, and at the end of June 2017, she hosted a free workshop for parents and students. She hosted four workshops on August 9, 2017 at the Mayor’s Youth Summit. Jowan has also contracted with three Cleveland Metropolitan School District schools and is in negotiations with Shaker Heights schools.

Jowan was on WZAK on August 20, 2017 to spread the word about her work.

Learn more about Jowan’s work on her website, and by following Getting our Babies to College 101 on Facebook and Twitter.