Accelerate 2022 update: Grayter Cleveland

Grayter Cleveland

Shane Winnyk & Courtney Smith

2022 Winner

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Grayter Cleveland aims to increase the number of People of Color and women in STEM careers, particularly the tech field, by pairing a Black employee and a White employee together to give brief presentations in schools (remotely or in-person) about what it’s like to work in technology.

These presentations provide students with an example of someone who looks like them, and someone who doesn’t, working together in a field that requires an interest and acumen in STEM. The program is designed to interest students in STEM and technology, as well as demonstrate that we’re better together.

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March 3, 2022

Shane posted a video on LinkedIn the evening of Accelerate explaining why the Grayter Cleveland idea he pitched alongside his co-presenter, Courtney Smith, is so crucial to our community. Shane and Courtney also put together a brief video on YouTube that recaps their Accelerate experience and provides more insight into their Grayter Cleveland idea.