Greg Peckham bio

Greg Peckham (LC 2019)

Executive Director, LAND Studio

Greg Peckham is the Executive Director of LAND studio, a nonprofit organization that develops and manages a wide range of public art, cultural programming, and civic space development projects across Cleveland. LAND studio works collaboratively with residents, community organizations, civic leaders, artists, and designers to develop thoughtful public spaces vibrant public art, and inclusive community programming. Greg leads the direction of the organization and sets its programmatic priorities, identifying and selecting projects and opportunities that support LAND studio’s vision and mission.

Greg joined LAND studio as part of the merger process that joined the former ParkWorks and Cleveland Public Art, where he served as Executive Director. He became LAND’s Managing Director from 2011 to 2016, taking on the role of Executive Director from 2017 to present.

Greg’s interests include urban policy focused on arts & culture, infrastructure, transportation, and community development. Through his work with community groups, artists, and design professionals, he maintains a strong commitment to citizen participation in urban planning efforts. Prior to his work with Cleveland Public Art and LAND studio, Greg worked in the fields of community development and public education, and also served as a legislative assistant in the Ohio Senate. He holds a BA from The Ohio State University a Master’s Degree from Case Western Reserve University. He was awarded the German Marshall Fund’s Marshall Memorial Fellowship in 2011.