How We See CLE: Maeve Doley

How We See CLE is a monthly series showcasing the Cleveland Leadership Center staff’s unique perspective and knowledge of our city. 

Maeve Doley, Manager of Internal Projects

What’s the best advice you’ve ever heard? 
There is no gray area between right and wrong.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?
Being the “behind the scenes” support for an incredible group of leaders that continually strive to guide other leaders in changing our city for the better.

What change do you hope to see in CLE within the next 5 years?
I hope to see a focus on resources, inherent to Cleveland, to be used in a more celebrated way (renewable resources, industrial manufacturing, human capital, etc.) to promote vibrancy and progress throughout our region.

What are you doing to create a better stronger CLE?
As a Realtor I am creating a stronger CLE through home ownership. Assisting others to establish their home and their dreams in the Cleveland area has been such a rewarding experience. I also volunteer with the grassroots organization, Waterloo Alley Cat Project, to humanely control the population of cats in the area through the trap-spay/neuter-return method.

What one place do you think everyone in Cleveland (residents and visitors alike) should visit?
The Muses Gallery at the Cleveland Museum of Art. Just to the left of the Armor Court sits five massive paintings, “Apollo and the Muses.” Larger than life, you could get absolutely lost for hours in the detail of just one feather. Also, don’t forget to check out “Oedipus and His Daughter” – it was literally spit cleaned by a museum restorer!

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