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(i)Cleveland provides college students and interns with an expansive view of the region's resources and immerses them in the professional and civic arenas. The program offers civic education, neighborhood immersion and unparalleled networking opportunities to develop, attract and retain the next generation of civic leaders. 


(i)Cleveland Summer
The (i)Cleveland Summer program is experiential civic education that connects interns in Northeast Ohio to the vast cultural, community and leadership resources of our community. For more information, click HERE.


(i)Cleveland Service Breaks 
Service Breaks are a customized experience at fall or spring breaks that enable college students to spend time at nonprofits, meet civic leaders, and job shadow. The program is open to college students nationwide. For more information, click HERE.


(i)Cleveland Winter Edition 
Winter Edition is a one-day event that includes networking with Cleveland leaders, a behind-the-scenes downtown immersion, and a job fair. For more information, click HERE.


What participants said: 

(i)Cleveland Summer

"I learned a lot about this city that I did not know before and I grew up here. Also, the people I have met - both professionals and interns - were amazing. We were given opportunities that otherwise would not have been possible without (i)Cleveland. Programs like this can make cities great.  - Sherwin Williams Co. summer intern, Ohio State University student.

"After the (i)Cleveland program I felt even more connected with this city. I love living downtown and would like to work downtown after I graduate." - Medical Mutual summer intern, Cleveland State University student.


(i)Cleveland Service Break

"I'm so glad to have discovered how important Cleveland residents are actively participating in their communities. This inspires me to become more active in my own city, and understand that civic leadership is an important facet of "rebuilding" a city. " - University of Michigan-Dearborn student  

"Before the trip, I was considering a relocation. However, after touring so many places and speaking with so many community folks I realized that Cleveland has tremendous assets and so much opportunity for the type of work I want to do, and the type of people I want to grow with and be a part of their community." - Notre Dame College student 


(i)Cleveland Winter Edition

"The event drew some movers & shakers with contagious optimism that definitely got to me a little bit. After hearing what they had to say, I think I can see myself living in Cleveland in my twenties." - Washington University (St. Louis) student 

"As an international newcomer, I feel very motivated about the city . It seems to have a lot of work opportunities while being a nice place to live. My impression is that Cleveland has it all!" - Technologico de Moneterrey student 



For more information contact Program Director Jill Pecoraro at (216) 592-2226 or