Accelerate 2022 update: IGNITE with Light

IGNITE with Light

Alysha Ellis & SIR Evans

2022 Presenter
Economic Prosperity category

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IGNITE with Light is a collaborative partnership to strengthen the Northeast Ohio entrepreneurial ecosystem by connecting business leaders and entrepreneurs with local organizations and collegiate groups that support and serve small businesses and entrepreneurs.

The focus will specifically be to create pathways of equitable opportunities for minority and youth/student owned businesses and entrepreneurs by connecting them to information, resources, education, and capital.

IGNITE with Light will establish spaces for creators, entrepreneurs, and innovators to connect through in-person and virtual opportunities, such as: a bi-annual one-stop-shop event, networking meetups, workshops, social media, and digital connectivity to the ecosystem.

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March 16, 2022

IGNITE with Light is hosting its first event, COLLIDE, on March 26. The event aims to showcase the connectivity between the diverse industries of Art, Innovation, and Tech. The event will feature:

  • An entrepreneurial marketplace where you can buy goods from some of Cleveland’s finest local businesses.
  • Panel discussions about the latest trends in technology and creativity.
  • Rapid Workshops, where you’ll learn about digital currency, NFT’s (non-fungible tokens), art innovation, and more.