LookUp School Year

The LookUp School Year program is open to students who will be high school juniors during the program year. Sessions take place in and around downtown Cleveland and its neighborhoods.


Admission is through a selective application process for students who demonstrate leadership ability, participate in school/community organizations and clubs, exhibit academic soundness, and show self-reliance, independence and initiative. Students must be enrolled in a high school or be home-schooled in Cuyahoga County. In addition to completing the online application, students must supply two non-family references, commit to the attendance policies and gain school and parental approval. Contact your school administrator to inquire about applying.

The cost for schools is $250 per student for the Look Up To Cleveland Class of 2025.

Have questions about the Look Up To Cleveland School Year program? Contact the Co-Director of High School Programs, Maya Smith (216-659-1289).

  • Class of 2025 Schedule

    Opening Retreat
    October 21, 2024

    Session 1
    November 6, 2024

    Session 2
    December 4, 2024

    Session 3
    January 28, 2025

    Session 4
    February 27, 2025

    Session 5
    April 1, 2025

    May 1, 2025

The Look Up difference

At the end of each program year, participants indicate their level of agreement with a series of statements before and after the program. The charts below indicate the percentage of participants who agreed or strongly agreed with these specific statements.

I know about Cleveland’s civic assets, issues, and stakeholders.

I am open to new strategies for approaching civic issues.

To learn more about CLC’s evaluation process, visit our Impact page.