Maggie Nichols bio

Maggie Nichols

CEO, Eureka! Ranch

Maggie is the CEO of the Eureka! Ranch.

Throughout her career at Eureka! she’s worked with 100s of innovation teams to invent and develop new products and businesses across B2B, B2C, Industrial, Services, Government and non-profit sectors with notable organizations like Humana, March of Dimes, Department of Commerce, Butterball, Walmart, Ford, Schlumberger, Johnson & Johnson, Frito-Lay, GSK, Toyota and Chase Bank.

Today she leads an interdisciplinary team of engineers, instructional designers, programmers, statisticians, educators to work with organizations on creating and accelerating disruptive innovation and creating a culture of innovation.

During her tenure, Eureka! has done original R&D on innovation including:

  • Invented and validated a patented teaching system that is 200 to 400% more effective with adults
  • Validated Innovation Engineering as a “breakout innovation system” by Stanford.
  • Created the world’s first application of “plan, do, study, act” into innovation project management
  • Created the first complete system that drives a 78% increase in net innovation value.

She’s co-hosted an inventor TV show – Backyard Inventors, contributed to Porchlight award winning book on the future of work, Beloved Economies, has written articles for Forbes, and has given dozens of keynotes about innovation. See Maggie’s LinkedIn profile.