MotherBoard: Connecting Opt-In Moms with Projects that Matter

MotherBoard: Connecting Opt-In Moms with Projects that Matter

Jessica Leary Allen

2016 Finalist
Community Change category

Jessica Leary Allen had a vision for anĀ online clearinghouse that matches mothers opting back into the professional workforce with transformational projects, filling gaps for nonprofits and developing a new pool of talent for our region. Jessica pitched her idea – MotherBoard – at Accelerate 2016.

After winning the runner-up prize, Jessica Leary Allen brought her idea to life. She formed a startup team, built a business plan, launched a community of bloggers, secured additional funding and developed a website to feature weekly postings of opportunities. Not only is she connecting employers to moms who want to opt back into work or scale back in their careers, she is changing the narrative when it comes to working motherhood, eliminating the stereotype of the frazzled mom and replacing it with a community of women who can and do make work and life balance.

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