About Civic Leadership Institute

 What is CLI? A unique civic education experience that shows you a Cleveland you have never seen before. You gain critical information about what’s going on in the civic community straight from the people directly involved in the civic and corporate infrastructures at the highest level.

Who comes to CLI? Anyone interested in learning more about what’s going on in the community. Great for people new to the area, longtime residents who want to be more engaged, young professionals looking to build their civic education or life-long learners who want to stay engaged.

How and When? Six once-a-week sessions, each session is an hour and a half. Offered three times per year (Fall, Winter, Spring).

How much is CLI? Tuition is $500, or $350 for those in nonprofits or government.


Why enroll - What's in for you?


  • Employees who gain greater understanding of how national/regional circumstances impacting business
  • New professional networks for your employee to tap, including the 5,000-member CLC Alumni Association
  • Greater exposure for your company and brand
  • Employees with a stronger connectivity to the region and commitment to remain in Cleveland


  • New, timely insights and knowledge about current topics
  • Opportunities to meet and interact with top civic and business leaders in small group settings
  • Enhanced leadership skills to address civic and community issues
  • Personal fulfillment  from being more engaged in your community


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