Project Coping Box

Project Coping Box

Laylah Allen + Ashley Welch

2021 Finalist
Health & Well-being category

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Project Coping Box was born out of a social media campaign called #31DaysOfCoping. A Coping Box is a physical container with items that assist youth with calming and/or expressing emotions. More than 200+ Coping Boxes have been distributed to middle and high school students in Cuyahoga County. Plans are to expand Project Coping Box to additional populations, particularly those experiencing homelessness, addiction, and heightened stressors during the COVID19 pandemic.

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January 17, 2022

The Missing Link obtained 501(c)(3) nonprofit status. In a press release about the achievement, Laylah shared, “Obtaining 501(c)(3) status enables The Missing Link, COPE Inc to increase our organizational capacity and expand our reach. The granting of nonprofit status to The Missing Link, COPE Inc is a major milestone for our growing organization. We are excited to establish new partnerships to ensure that youth have access to Project Coping Box, our various curriculum series, and mental health training.”

November 4, 2021

The Missing Link launched The C.O.P.E. Network – a safe, monitored online spaces for parents and teens featuring resources, conversations, events, and tools to develop healthy coping skills.

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July 8, 2021

The Missing Link will be hosting it’s first-ever C.O.P.E. (Creating Opportunities for People Empowerment) Weekend. This free three-day event is dedicated to “conditioning the minds of youth [Grades 3-12] as they re-enter the school setting Fall 2021.”

Students will have the opportunity to participate in various activities across three days. All events will take place at Revolutionary Love Garden (at the corner of Imperial and 123rd Street).

  • Thursday, August 19, 2021: Using Art to Cope [Poetry and Painting]
  • Friday, August 20, 2021: Using Body Movement to Cope [Yoga and Meditation]
  • Saturday. August 21, 2021: Community Resource Fair and School Supply Giveaway

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April 26, 2021

Project Coping Box continues to increase distribution:

  • The Maple Heights School District purchased 50 Coping Boxes. They are distributing the boxes daily and documenting student progress.
  • They are working with Lauren, a Magnificat High School junior who selected Project Coping Box as her Agape Experiment. Lauren is fundraising and coordinating a collection drive to build 50+ coping boxes for children in Cuyahoga County.

They are also in the process of developing Coping Boxes for adults.

March 26, 2021

Laylah and Ashley collaborated with Abundant Love Community Outreach and Elements of Internal Movement to provide coping boxes for their Let’s Grow Lunch & Literacy Program. One hundred coping boxes were distributed:

  • 30 coping boxes for teens.
  • 45 coping boxes for kids.
  • 25 coping boxes for each family.

March 15, 2021

Project Coping Box is hosting a series of virtual focus groups to ensure impactful expansion of #projectcopingbox. They have developed new coping boxes for three distinct adult populations, those: experiencing homelessness, in need of assistance with mental health, and in addiction recovery. They are hosting focus groups for individuals with first-hand experience in these trials, care takers, social workers, medical professionals, and program coordinators to share insight to ensure that the new distinct coping boxes are beneficial (and most importantly) practical for the intended populations. You are invited to attend one, two, or all three of the focus groups:

  • Friday, April 9: Coping Boxes for Mental Health @ 5:30 p.m. REGISTER >
  • Saturday, April 10: Coping Boxes for Addiction Recovery @11 a.m. REGISTER >
  • Friday, April 16: Coping Boxes for Experiencing Homelessness @ 5:30 p.m. REGISTER >