Rust Belt Riders: Pedal-Powered Composting

Rust Belt Riders: Pedal-Powered Composting

Daniel Brown

2015 Presenter
Community Change category

Roughly 40% of all food grown in the United States is wasted, this at a time when 1 in 6 Americans struggle with hunger. These systems need to change and the systems that combat inefficiencies need to be supported. Community composting offers everyone a way to fight waste and support new food systems. At Accelerate 2015, Daniel Brown pitched his idea to do just that.

Rust Belt Riders decided to forgo bicycles and use a cargo van to move 10 times more waste per day and also reach any location in Northeast Ohio with ease. Since presenting at Accelerate, Rust Belt Riders has added over a dozen clients and one new full-time staff person. To date, Rust Belt Riders has helped to divert over 250,000 pounds of food waste.

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