Starving Artists 2 Working Artists

Starving Artists 2 Working Artists

Alex Michaels

2021 Presenter
Economic Development category

Presented in partnership with:

Blockcityp2c is a social network and sales platform that allows artists to build a fan base and earn income by offering rewards online.

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October 11, 2021

Alex P. Michaels, Emmy winning writer and founder of Prelude2Cinema pitched “Starving Artists 2 Working Artists” at Accelerate 2021. The pitch was for a streaming platform named Blockcityp2c to help artists connect with fans and create revenue streams for their art. The platform has been renamed Prelude2CinemaTV (P2CTV).

P2CTV will focus on being a “Netflix for independent filmmakers” and offer business, marketing advice, services, grants and a subscription so fans from all over the world can discover and support the art of cinema.

After the pitch, Prelude2Cinema launched a successful crowdfunding campaign on ioby and raised funds to engage with Nogient, a California internet company to create a beta site. P2CTV was also funded in part by the Cuyahoga Arts & Culture Match Fund.

Additionally, P2CTV was a Finalist in the Tech Throwdown event held in conjunction with the Greater Cleveland Partnership Tech Week 2021,