STEMpower: Empowering STEM-based careers

STEMpower: Empowering STEM-based careers

Jackie Adams

2016 Presenter
Educating for Tomorrow category

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Jackie Adams wants to facilitating awareness and educational opportunities to improve the culture for all people pursuing STEM-based careers. She pitched her vision to launch a scholarship competition a Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) to raise awareness about the struggles of women in engineering culture at Accelerate 2016.

Shortly after the event, Jackie began working with SPARC [conversations], a student group that hosts a speaker series at CWRU. Together, they launched a series of talks about minorities (including women) in STEM-based careers, with two winners receiving $1,000 scholarship awards. The first SPARC [conversations] conference was held January 17, 2017. Building the program gave one person the confidence to start her engineering consulting business, and another the skills that helped her win third place at a Johns Hopkins biomedical engineering competition.

Learn more on the SPARC [conversations] website and follow along on Facebook.