Write, Illustrate, Create!

Write, Illustrate, Create!

Ebony Donley + Sasha Beckette-Abdullah

2021 Presenter
Education category

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Write, Illustrate, Create! will help children in grades K-8 express themselves in writing. They will learn the steps of the writing process and write a book. They will have creative control of the type of book they choose to write and the illustrations included. Write, Illustrate, Create! will lead to entrepreneurial opportunities as participants learn to publish their work on digital platforms.

April 20, 2021

Ebony and Sasha hosted their first workshop on March 7, 2021 with participants (grades 2-8) from various parts of Ohio and one participant from Michigan. The group met for five weeks for an hour and a half each session and discussed all things pertaining to writing. Each participant wrote and illustrated a book and shared it with everyone at the end of the workshop.