Cleveland Leadership Center creates customized, focused civic education and leadership development programs to heighten civic understanding and involvement and to address specific community requests and needs.

Empower Cleveland Youth

Building at-risk high school students' capacity for success through career exploration, career readiness, leadership training, mentorship and civic education. Through the summer program, students are exposed to work options they might not have considered and work with mentors to fine-tune their post-secondary work or study choices.

High School Civic Immersion Experiences

Immersing high school seniors in the Cleveland community and challenging them to appreciate the needs and assets of the city they call home. Through these customized, typically week-long, experiences, they meet with nonprofit leaders and clients in neighborhoods across Cleveland and engage in hands-on service experiences.

High School Career Mentoring

Exposing students to career paths and employment options through one-hour panels featuring community members from a vast array of careers and backgrounds.

Your Voice Matters

Helping high school students better understand the electoral process and the importance of voting. Through one-day workshops, they learn to develop and vote on their own political platforms and are inspired and prepared to be civic leaders.