Why LookUp?

Through Look Up To Cleveland, you’ll make unique connections in Cleveland, see first-hand some of the projects stimulating progress, meet people driving that change and develop close bonds with other young leaders.

During LookUp, you will:

  • Improve your interpersonal skills through focused team-based activities and a group capstone project.
  • Understand the importance of diversity and work with students from various ethnic, economic and social backgrounds.
  • Interact with local business, government and community leaders.
  • Peek behind the scenes of some of Cleveland’s most interesting places.

These experiences have a lasting impact on young leaders and serve as stepping stones for their school careers and later success.

LookUp is offered in two formats.

School Year program

Seven full-day sessions, roughly one per month from October through April, including an overnight retreat. Learn more.

Summer program

A one-week session (Monday through Friday) in June. Learn more.