Current CLC initiatives

Growing Cleveland’s population

We know Northeast Ohio is losing population every year. Cleveland Leadership Center has long worked with colleges and their students to get them energized and invested in Cleveland. We have expanded that work to grow Cleveland’s population by creating synergies between local colleges, businesses, and the next generation to get young leaders of the future committed to Cleveland today.

All collaborations are welcome – please join in these efforts. To learn more about the work we are doing to grow Cleveland’s population or to get involved, contact Marianne Crosley (216-592-2298).

Other Community Opportunities

Leverage your time, energy, and resources to help local organizations advance our community. CLC alumni, log into your MyCLC portal to access the database of community opportunities – you’ll be able to filter opportunities by type, skills and experience, and interests.


Does your organization have a specific project or engagement opportunity and need skilled leaders to help you meet your goals? Any community organization and/or initiative can submit an opportunity.
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