Why Dare2Lead?

Bullying is a rapidly increasing issue in our society and crosses all age groups and segments of the community. Students who experience bullying have increased rates of substance abuse, thoughts of suicide, depression, anxiety, and lower educational outcomes.

The traditional Dare2Lead program empowers students and educators to act as leaders and interrupt bullying behaviors effectively. It is an evidence-based program that creates young leaders who are uniquely equipped to foster a more inclusive social climate.

Due to the pandemic, the full in-person Dare2Lead program has been postponed through the 2021-2022 academic year. In its place will be a series of one-hour previously-recorded virtual sessions on cyberbullying, mental health and self care, racial inequity, and communicating across differences.

If you have questions about the Dare2Lead program, contact the Co-Directors of High School Programs, Maya Smith (216-659-1289) and Patrick Emery (440-666-6982).