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Improving food security through collaboration

Tiffany Scruggs, VP of Community Access & Executive Director of Community Resource Center, Greater Cleveland Food Bank

Tiffany shared the Food Bank’s three-phase expansion plan, their FY23 impact, and the need for and vision of the new Community Resource Center. She touched on who is eligible for helpf from the Food Bank and the challenges that lead to food insecurity and the need for their services. She covered what the Community Resource Center is, the services they offer, the early impact of the Center, and how they will evaluate their work going forward.

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Recorded 12/13/2023

Cracking the longevity code

Dr. Michael Roizen, Physician, Cleveland Clinic

Dr. Roizen touched on the role genes play in longevity and how we can each control which genes get turned on through small but consistent daily habits. He discussed life expectancies now and expectations for the future, as well as current areas of research that will potentially extend life expectancies in the coming years. He also shared a handful of tips for decreasing the incidence of dementia and extending longevity.

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Recorded 12/06/2023

Dominion: Weekley weighs in

Dan Weekley, President, Dominion Energy Ohio

Dan discussed Dominion’s top three priorities of safety, clean energy, and focusing on the customer. He discussed the rate increase filing, the sale of the East Ohio Gas Company, and Dominion’s current workforce situation and the recruitment strategies they have implemented. He shared their green energy approach, their focus on safety, and his advice for other leaders navigating changes and challenges.

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Recorded 11/29/2023

Leading literacy and learning

Felton Thomas, Executive Director & CEO, Cleveland Public Library

Felton touched on the upcoming Cleveland READS Victory Bash and discussed the “Creating Campuses” initiative the library has undertaken to renovate each library campus in the system. He shared a bit about each of the completed buildings, as well as those currently under construction and how they are focusing on creating inviting spaces.

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Recorded 11/15/2023

Reforesting the Forest City

Samira Malone, Director, Cleveland Tree Coalition

Samira discussed the role and work of the Cleveland Tree Coalition (CTC), the benefits of a robust tree canopy, and how Cleveland’s tree canopy compares nationally. She covered how the tree canopy in Cleveland neighborhoods correlates with socio-economic factors, how redlining impacted tree cover over the years, and how Cleveland got into the situation it’s in today. She also shared the impact the CTC has had so far through their grants and public campaigns, and touched on their recent strategic planning process and what’s next for the organization.

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Recorded 11/08/2023

Cover the Earth

Diana Strongosky, Senior Vice President, Global Innovation, The Sherwin-Williams Company

Diana discussed the four main goals of their Building Our Future project centered around the two new HQ constructions projects and the collaborative construction process they’re using. She shared where they are in the construction process, why they chose Cleveland for the new HQ and the role access to talent played in that decision. She touched on the culture they want to build in the new spaces and how they are balancing their commitment to Cleveland with their growing global presence.

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Recorded 11/01/2023